Bodrogi Bau Kft. has developed a unique insulation material.

Bodrogi Bau Kft. has developed a unique insulation material.
In 2019, the Hungarian company built the most modern polystyrene thermal insulation factory in Szeged from one billion forints which 500 million forints were domestic and EU support.

The experts of Bodrogi Bau Kft have created the best graphite expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation material available on the Hungarian market, which has a thermal conductivity of 0.030. The more favorable the properties of an insulating material, the lower the value characteristic of thermal insulation.

The insulation material can be used in new and old buildings, thanks to which the insulation effect can be increased by 20 percent. The thermal insulation capacity of the material is because EPS products consist of closed-cell polystyrene spheres in which air is present. The thermal insulation capacity of EPS does not decrease even with time, as air cannot escape from the cells because it is located indoors.

Significant heating energy savings can be achieved with a thermal insulation solution that can be used from 1.5-2.5 million forints in an average family house. Thus, the value of that property can increase by up to 15 percent.

The Hungarian company - Bodrogi Bau Kft. has five sites. Also, it has branches in Szeged, Csongrád, Szentes, Békéscsaba, and Budapest. The group deals with construction, building material trade, design, real estate investment, distribution, sales, management, and construction production. As the owner, EPS operates a plant for the production of thermal insulation materials, aluminum doors and windows, steel structures, and joinery products. Also, the company is a member and co-owner of the New House Group’s nationwide building materials sourcing and sales network.

Bodrogi Bau Kft. Has 237 employees. According to the company data, the net sales revenue from sales in 2019 was HUF 9.19 billion, the profit after tax was HUF 846 million. Last year, despite the epidemic, its net sales increased by about 27 percent to HUF 11.67 billion.



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