Europe's largest rooftop solar park

Europe's largest rooftop solar park
There is no larger roofed solar park in Europe than what was handed over on the flat roof of the logistics center of the Audi factory in Győr yesterday. A total of 160,000 square meters of solar panels have been covered with solar panels in the two hall buildings, which will release nearly five thousand tons of carbon dioxide a year.

The new record solar plant is a joint project of Audi Hungaria and E.ON Hungária, which carried out the installation and undertook to operate the park for the next 25 years. This is not Audi's first such commitment in Győr, because, as they write in their announcement, 75% of Audi Hungária's energy supply has already been covered by renewable, geothermal energy. Moreover, more than 99 percent of the waste generated during manufacturing and so on is generally recycled throughout the company.


Although there is now no larger solar park built on a roof in Europe, a more powerful but non-roofed park can be found even in Hungary. Last year, MVM’s park, which has a peak capacity of 20.6 megawatts, was handed over in Paks, while the absolute world record among solar parks is currently Bhadla Solar Park in India, with a peak capacity of 2,245 megawatts.

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