MVM solar power plant

MVM solar power plant
The largest domestic energy companies build and hand over the largest solar power plants in Hungary by bidding to each other. Now, just a few kilometers from the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, a power plant consisting of 74,000 polycrystalline solar panels has been installed.

The MVM Group's solar power plant in Paks, the largest photovoltaic plant in operation in the country, has been handed over, the state-owned company said. The solar power plant, built a few kilometers from the Paks Nuclear Power Plant, covers an area of ​​51 hectares and consists of more than 74,000 polycrystalline solar panels.

Thanks to the 35% support of the EU Environmental and Energy Efficiency Operational Program (EEOP), the 20.6 MW installed capacity built from about HUF 9 billion means that the Paks solar panel is larger than Metes in Százhalombatta, which was handed over at the end of last year. .

The electricity generated by the Paks solar power plant is also fed from Paks to the national high-voltage electricity transmission network. The company estimates that they will be able to generate an average of 22.2 gigawatt hours (GWh) of electricity per year. This amount can cover the annual electricity needs of about 8,500 households, ie more than 20 thousand people, and thus: Hungary's carbon dioxide emissions will be reduced by 22 thousand tons per year.

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