Using bioasphalt in the Swedish construction industry

Using bioasphalt in the Swedish construction industry
Sweden has produced the world's first non-bitumen-bound asphalt, which is not harmful to the climate. The construction company will cover the main road connecting Ludvika and Malingsbo from the tested building material.

This is the first case that they are asphalted from biomaterials. The essence of the technology is that instead of bitumen, which is a solid hydrocarbon rock left over from the distillation of oil, a high degree of environmental pollution, a binder extracted from forest woods is used.

"The special thing about this is that we heat the asphalt with biofuel, not with traditional, carbon-based material. We recycle a lot of building materials. The binder is also environmentally friendly wood," explains Kenneth Olsson, an asphalt specialist engineer at Skanska.

Asphalting therefore exudes wood odor instead of the old burnt oil smell.

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