ICBUILD communication opportunity for Canada market

ICBUILD communication opportunity for Canada market

If interested, please visit the first edition of the CETA BUSINESS FORUM 2022 (June 22-23, 2022), an online event that will be held in June, with talks, conferences, exhibition fair and B2B for companies and professionals from Canada and Europe.

This is the event link:


The aim of the event:

  • Create commercial synergies and networking between countries and companies in the two geographical areas.
  • Provide a platform for reflection and exchange of experiences on the main economic trends of the CETA agreement.
  • To be a link between Canadian and European companies.
  • Promote the CETA agreement and its key economic sectors.
  • Exchange expert experiences, promote investments as well as introduce development plans and innovative projects.


There is also the opportunity to join one of the CETA Talks as speaker, see here the agenda 


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