The new Horizon 2020 Energy project is under preparation

The new Horizon 2020 Energy project is under preparation
Partners cooperating in the hungarian consortium:
Bay Zoltán Applied Research Public Benefit Nonprofit Ltd.
ÉMI (Construction Quality Control Innovation NKFT.)
and as a third partner in the Archenerg cluster.

Specific Challenge: Access to private finance for energy efficiency and integrated renewables remains challenging. One obstacle is the lack of common understanding of the topic between government, public sector, private sector, and the financial sector. The Smart Finance for Smart Buildings initiative 79 has proposed a comprehensive approach based on the more effective use of public funds, aggregation and project development assistance, and de-risking.

However, this approach still needs to be rolled out and shared with all stakeholders at the national level. The Commission is piloting this through the Sustainable Energy Investment Forums initiative since 2016

Expected impact: proposals are expected to demonstrate, depending on the scope addressed, the impacts listed below, using quantified indicators and targets wherever possible:

  • Establishment of national energy efficiency investment roundtables;
  • Number of national / regional policy documents resulting from the roundtables;
  • Number of key stakeholders involved in the roundtables, in particular from the financial sector;
  • Investments in sustainable energy triggered by the project (in million Euro);
  • Primary energy savings triggered by the project (in GWh/year).
    Additional positive effects can be quantified and reported when relevant and wherever possible:
  • Reduction of the greenhouse gases emissions (in t CO2-eq/year) and/or air pollutants (in kg/year) triggered by the project.
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