Hungarian development program on Smart Building

Hungarian development program on Smart Building
Smart Building Movement, Importance of Smart Building, and possibilities in the future. Overview of Hungary's current situation, red flags, main gaps. Development program on the Rust parts of the Hungarian Cities. Main players and core actors from Hungary.
COVID-19 prevents us from meeting in person. SMARTENERGY project is funded by the EU and has set six pack training series on 4 different topics: Hydrogen technologies (Italy),
Energy communities (Belgium),
Smart Grids (France,
and Smart Buildings (Hungary).
Archenerg cluster in collaboration with cluster partners of SMARTENERGY project is organizing a virtual exchange program on Smart Buildings in Hungary from 30th of July to 18th of August. 
For More Information  Visit the SMARTENERGY profile on the ECCP platform: SMARTENERGY - European Cluster Collaboration Platform
Join us and enhance your business, make the first step to meet and cooperate with other clusters, companies, technology centers, Universities. 
Register NOW  Here.
The concept of Smart Building focuses on Hungary: new trends, concept,  value chain, local context, meet with the Hungarian partners.


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