ArchEnerg Cluster has participated in conference at Kolozsvár

Kolozsvár held international conference, called innovative business modell, which was held on 2015 June 4-5. Cluster connected policy makers, representatives of governmental official bodies, supporting organisations, european cluster-management organisations, universities, research facilities, enterprises, non-governmental organisations and professional organisations have participated on the event, subjects were financing in business environment, cluster specific financing products and departments and departmental cooperations, amongst others.

Archenerg Cluster participated in workshop in Italy

Representing the Archenerg Cluster, Elvira Molnár has participated in the „EPI-AGRI” workshop in Alghero (Sardinia) on 2015 May 26-27. The subject on the two day workshop was „How can an effectively working new biomass supply for bio-based economy be created”. The aim of the event was to support the cooperation mechanisms between the agriculture/forestry and the industry, with a stable and reliable renewable raw material supply, without harmful effect on sustainability and with long term income for land- and forestholders.


The University of Óbuda, the V. Hungarian World Meeting and the Mikes-Jósika Foundation have organised the traditional Báthory-Brassai Conference-series (BKK) for the 6th time, which subject was the „Carpathian-Basin (Hungarian) Competitiveness”. The event has taken place on 2015 May 27-28 in Budapest.

The three-part Smart City workshop-series has ended

The last occasion of the three-part series was held on 2015 May 27, in the first part Vasváriné dr. Éva Menyhárt, former vice under-secretary of state held presentation about her experiences with earlier SmartCity projects.

IKOSZ Conference

Archenerg Cluster and IKOSZ jointly organized conference on 2015. May 13.

Detailed report can be found HERE in Hungarian language.

Introducing the McMillan & Baneth Management Consulting Kft.

logoOur company has been in the domestic management consulting market for 25 years as 100% Hungarian posessed firm. We have extensive experience in the training and consulting market, both in public and private sectors, as well as small and big enterprises.

Introducing the EDIAFILT Kft.

ediafiltThe EDIAFILT KFT was established on 1990. October 1. as mining company. It’s founding members include National Ore- and Mineral-mines, the MINERALIMPEX, private individuals and factory workers from Erdőbénye. In the recent past the ONP Holdings SE European stock company has acquired majority ownership in the Ediafilt Kft. as financial investor.

ArchEnerg Cluster starts workshop series called SmartCity

ArchEnerg Cluster and the NOS Kft. starts a 3 occasion technical workshop called SmartCity, with the aim of exploring cluster strategic and actual development oppurtunities conneced to the domestic and EU intelligent city conception, furthermore professional preparation of shaping a cluster Smart City portfolio.

Within the framework of the workshop the partners have the opportunity for joint professional work.

NGM has organized jubilee international conference

The Ministry of National Economy organized the two day international conference for the tenth time, which was held on April 23-24 at Budapest. The conference was centered on the double challenge of the year 2015, since this year beside the closing of operative programme of the 2007-14 period, the 2014-20 new EU budgetary cycle has started off with the execution of the greatest economy stimultant programme.