COSMENERG first professional workshop


A cluster excellence training and knowledge sharing workshop took place on 10-11 January 2017 within our current international project named COSMENERG coordinated by the European Cluster Excellence Gold-Labelled ArchEnerg Cluster. The two-day training was facilitated by our organizational development expert of innovation György Szügyi, who shared his international cluster management experience and lectured the conditions of the fulfillment of the gold label with the consortium project partners. The other goal of the workshop was to strengthen the cooperation among the clusters.

Review of the conference, "We are facing a Building Energy Revolution"

On 27 October 2016, Budapest, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute organized an event: "We are facing a Building Energy Revolution is”, which our cluster took part in.

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The main topics of the event :

  • A new era of the power efficiency: we are in front of Building Energy Revolution
  • Buildings future design challenges
  • What makes a house a home?
  • Challenges of the buildings’ special construction
  • The future of the energy efficiency : the cheapest energy source

If you want to investigate further details of the performances, you can download the speakers presentations here:

Introducing the TSG 2006 Ltd.

Their company cares about mainly price-making (they make free 1pc itemized quotation), tender writing (wthey undertake business development, energy, human, national and EU co-financed projects related to professional writing proposals, managing the financial closure of projects, people and businesses alike), planning (building designing, sizing, costing) systems.

Clusters, Danube Strategy, Bioeconomy

The ArchEnerg Cluster attended another international B2B business people meeting. The international cluster conference was held on 5-6 October in Galati, Romania, organized by the Association of Romanian Cluster (CLUSTERO) entitled "CLUSTERS AS DRIVERS OF VALUE CHAIN DEVELOPMENT ACROSS THE DANUBE REGION". The event was focused on the bioeconomy, which lead role of clusters were in the foreground. The B2B meeting was a vital part of the event which provides an excellent opportunity to expand international partnerships.

Launched the Smart Solution Cluster

The century of Economic Research Plc. on 5 October 2016 organised a conference in Budapest, which title is "Development and innovation-smart solution for the domestic place's needs. Our clustre was represented by László Molnár, senior consultant.
The event took place to the foundation of the Smart Solutions-Okos megoldások Cluster, which its charter members presented their activities and crayoned out the objectives, mission and future plans of the cluster.

Megalapították a Smart Solution - Okos megoldások Klasztert

A Századvég Gazdaságkutató Zrt. 2016. október 5-én konferenciát szervezett Budapesten „Fejlesztés és innováció – okos megoldások a hazai települések igényeire" címmel, amelyen klaszterünket Molnár László, vezető tanácsadónk képviselte.

International experience from V4ClusterPol Conference

In September 9.  2016. in Budapest organized in the international project called V4ClusterPol third workshop, where represented our cluster Szügyi George, vice-president of organizational development and innovation.

Technical consultation in Paks

Our cluster is in a constant relationship with the authority of Paks in  order to provide widespread opportunities in the enlargement investments of the nuclear power plant and to enhance the fulfilment of the urban and the territorial smaller or bigger projects. In order to foster these processes on the 21st of June our cluster's management had organised a technical event in the Industrial Park of Paks, on which we previewed our members the most advantageous investments and also the methods through which they will be able to participate in these projects. 

Bilateral cluster-meeting in Serbia

In the middle of February our cluster had the chance to participate in a Hungaro-Serbian meeting in Novi Sad, in which our management organisation could gain significant acquantance in terms of contacts and experience. Our cluster was represented by Máté Dezső Junior Cluster Manager.

Rotating house utilizing solar power

A revolutionary invention was founded recently, which is none other than the so called rotating house, that is able, like other rotating solar panels to follow the movement of the Sun and as part of a whole sustainable systm to utilize energy.