More visitors than before at Friends of Hungary Conference IV.

The Foundation is a bridge between the Carpathian Basin and the Hungarians of the Diaspora. Its mission is to give information about the events of Hungary and the results of the Hungarians which are value-driven but rather unique. Its members are Hungarians living in other countries and foreigners, who are successful and fond of Hungarian culture. Our foundation wishes to create a complete and more correct picture of Hungary and Hungarians with the help of its increasing community. Today and Ungarn Heute news portals of the Foundation supply those foreigners with information day by day, who are interested in Hungary.

Another new international network is added to the partners of ArchEnerg

Internationalization has a prior role in the life of ArchEnerg that is signified by several international and professional events in which we have taken part. During these occasions, we are eager to evolve a tight relationship with the most significant European organizations and networks and this way we got acquainted with ERRIN.

Circular Hungary 2017 conference

Circular Hungary 2017 is going to take place on 1 June 2017 in Budapest, in the premises D of Millenáris. The event is organized by the Circular Economy Foundation and CEEweb the Association for Biological Diversity.

Meeting in Kecskemét for Accredited Innovation Cluster Managers

Cluster Manager Club V, the professional meeting for the managers of accredited innovation clusters took place in Kecskemét on 21 March 2017 for the fifth occasion. This informal event was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bács-Kiskun County. Both the cluster manager club and the gathering was supported by the International and Cluster Department of the National Economy Ministry of Economy Programme Responsible Deputy State Secretary. The aim of the cluster manger club is to be in perpetual contact with the clusters in our country and the formation of a closer collaboration between these clusters.

Introduction of Moltech AH Ltd.

The company is striving to give the best service to those who work in the fields of material handling and drive technology with the production of components of unique design and excellent quality.

Acknowledged Cluster Managers

Lajos Vajda, the director of the Enterprise Development Foundation of Kovászna County, gave over a jubilee diploma to the managers of ArchEnerg Cluster for the occasion of the existence of ASIMCOV for twenty years. Dr Dénes Bulkai, András Gonda and György Szügyi were rewarded by this diploma of appreciation for their work of ten years in support of the foundation.

COSMENERG first professional workshop


A cluster excellence training and knowledge sharing workshop took place on 10-11 January 2017 within our current international project named COSMENERG coordinated by the European Cluster Excellence Gold-Labelled ArchEnerg Cluster. The two-day training was facilitated by our organizational development expert of innovation György Szügyi, who shared his international cluster management experience and lectured the conditions of the fulfillment of the gold label with the consortium project partners. The other goal of the workshop was to strengthen the cooperation among the clusters.

Review of the conference, "We are facing a Building Energy Revolution"

On 27 October 2016, Budapest, the Hungarian Energy Efficiency Institute organized an event: "We are facing a Building Energy Revolution is”, which our cluster took part in.

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The main topics of the event :

  • A new era of the power efficiency: we are in front of Building Energy Revolution
  • Buildings future design challenges
  • What makes a house a home?
  • Challenges of the buildings’ special construction
  • The future of the energy efficiency : the cheapest energy source

If you want to investigate further details of the performances, you can download the speakers presentations here:

Introducing the TSG 2006 Ltd.

Their company cares about mainly price-making (they make free 1pc itemized quotation), tender writing (wthey undertake business development, energy, human, national and EU co-financed projects related to professional writing proposals, managing the financial closure of projects, people and businesses alike), planning (building designing, sizing, costing) systems.