Introducing the Euro Dual Kft.

Our company has been operating for 25 years in Canada. For 14 years we have been processing sandpapers, merchandising and producing grindig-technique related products. We are also producing different shaped and particle sized velcro and canvas papers, as well as  handmade and machine-made  velcro backboards. Our products are used widespread by the automotive industry, the airplane industry just as by the railway wagon manufacturing and timber industry.

Tel.: +36 70 459 1992

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Introducing the Szikra Invest Kft.

Our company was in established in 2005, and its one of the main activites are the production of biolers andlogo2 h the professional trading of heating-technique related products. In 2007 we moved to another lot and since then we have been producing Termotéka gas boilers and Simplex mixed-heating boilers.

Besides these traditional products, we also made standing and mural boilers with turbo and condensation available for the customers. In 2007 we established a partnership between our company and the originally French De Dietrich boiler producing company. Since then we are also merchandising their De Dietrich  mural boilers with turbo and condensation system.

Hopefully with our assortment and supply, we will able to serve the needs of the customers

Tel: +36 30 9 941 193

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The Greennovation Award will be organised for the fifth time by The Professional Publishing Hungary, which would like to push the companies and local governments to operate in a more eco-friendly way in order to prevent the amortisation of our environment.


Sicily4Expo2015 - Milan & Catania

milan expoIn the framework of Milan Expo, through 26-27 October 2015, the "Sicily4Expo2015 - Milan & Catania” businessmen meeting was held. On the professional event, the participation was free of charge. The inquirers had chanche to have bilateral negotiations.

European Quality Week 2015

We would like to draw your attention to the after event of Quality World Forum, called: EUROPEAN QUALITY WEEK 2015 – „National Quality and Quality-Innovation Conference in the contect of Quality World Forum”.

Hemp Brick

EcoFriendlyHempThese days the natural building materials are gaining importance. Our article reveals how we can use hemp as building material.

Hemp bricks are made of hemp, lime and water (sometimes mixed with sand or cement). We use it as insulating and moisture control material. Mankind has been using this technology for at least 2,000 years.