At Váradi Metal Ltd.’s Project Closing Ceremony

On July 24th Váradi Metal Ltd. held a project closing ceremony in Dunaföldvár in honor of their market hall extension and renovation. From ArchEnerg, managing director András Gonda managed to attend with Canadian intern Tamás Turóczi.

Today, we hear more and more about passive houses, but what is a passive house anyway?

The passive house concept is a German certification system for energy- efficient buildings used in many countries of the world. It is defined as:

a building in which maintaining comfortable temperatures (ISO 7730) can be solved by exclusively only after heating or cooling the moved air mass needed for keeping the air fresh (DIN 1946) without additional air recirculation.

Solve our problems with innovations!

It could be the name of an innovative solutions methodogy called „Challenge Statements”, created by the german „Gold” labelled Chemie Cluster, which ArchEnerg Cluster will get to know soon. The initiative started in the course of our cooperation with the Chemie Cluster in June 2015.

Cluster Union Meeting

On 2015 July 1 the Cluster Union Meeting was held at Székesfehérvár, where the Innovative Clusters’ National Union’s (IKOSZ) general meeting was also organised. The ArchEnerg Cluster was represented by Executive Director András Gonda and Human Development Vice-Chairman and senior partner at Euromenedzser Kft. István Magyar.

ArchEnerg participated in the EU-CELAC Milan Matchmaking Event

The theme of the EU-CELAC Cluster Matchmaking Event held in Milan, June 12th, 2015 was creativity and innovation in the agro-food sector, promising delegates from the agro technology sector as well, though turnout proved more with respect to food manufacturing and exports.

Archenerg Cluster attended this year's Vienna SmartCity Conference

We participated in the 2015 Smart City Cluster Matchmaking Vienna Conference with aims to learn more about our Austrian neighbours’ innovative ideas, experiences. Of course, we also hoped to find likeminded international partners in the process. The full-day venue was held June 9th, Tamás Turóczi and János Brand went out as cluster representatives to participate.

Hungarian-Serbian Business Forum

Prime Minister of the Serbian Republic, Aleksandar Vučić makes official visitation in Hungary on 2015 July 1, escorted by Serbian business delegation. Connected to the prime ministerial visit, the Magyar Nemzeti Kereskedőház Zrt. (MNKH) organizes a business forum. Euromenedzser Kft. - an important partner to the Archenerg Cluster – will be present on the forum.

ArchEnerg Cluster has participated in conference at Kolozsvár

Kolozsvár held international conference, called innovative business modell, which was held on 2015 June 4-5. Cluster connected policy makers, representatives of governmental official bodies, supporting organisations, european cluster-management organisations, universities, research facilities, enterprises, non-governmental organisations and professional organisations have participated on the event, subjects were financing in business environment, cluster specific financing products and departments and departmental cooperations, amongst others.

Archenerg Cluster participated in workshop in Italy

Representing the Archenerg Cluster, Elvira Molnár has participated in the „EPI-AGRI” workshop in Alghero (Sardinia) on 2015 May 26-27. The subject on the two day workshop was „How can an effectively working new biomass supply for bio-based economy be created”. The aim of the event was to support the cooperation mechanisms between the agriculture/forestry and the industry, with a stable and reliable renewable raw material supply, without harmful effect on sustainability and with long term income for land- and forestholders.