Introducing the Váradi Metal Ltd.

The Váradi Metal Ltd. produces high-standard, reliable quality metallurgic products with advanced technology for more than 10 years. They are well-known in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, but lately they gain ground on the domestic market. The production runs on three sites.

Introducing the Vilometric Ltd.

NévtelenThe Vilometric Mérnökiroda Ltd. was established in 2009 with headquarters in Budapest XI. district. Our primary goal is to establish an engineering office in the field of building electricity, that capable of meeting the required engineering design and expert demands of highlighted rapidly developing electric and electronic systems, appliances.

Introducing the Altherm Ltd.

The Company was founded in 2009 to manufacture and realize heaters based on alternative energy sources.

The Danish-Hungarian mixed company produces and deploys biomass heating systems through licence purchase, with unique or power-line deployment or together with the special internal heating system on request. Besides the heating, the systems are excellent for producing technological hot water or hot air, with between 40-90% savings compared to gas and with 1-5 year payback time. On the field of high capacity (200-800 kW) straw bale furnaces the company is market leader. They realize the chopped and pellet systems with 35-200 kW.

Carrefour Europe 2014 – economic forum

Expand to European markets

Carrefour Europe is organized by the Montreal-based European Trade Chambers (Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, United Kingdom Spain and Switzerland) in close cooperation with the MEIE, the EUCE (European Union Centre of Excellence), Dentons and MEQ (Quebec Manufacturers and Exporters).