ArchEnerg Cluster starts workshop series called SmartCity

ArchEnerg Cluster and the NOS Kft. starts a 3 occasion technical workshop called SmartCity, with the aim of exploring cluster strategic and actual development oppurtunities conneced to the domestic and EU intelligent city conception, furthermore professional preparation of shaping a cluster Smart City portfolio.

Within the framework of the workshop the partners have the opportunity for joint professional work.

NGM has organized jubilee international conference

The Ministry of National Economy organized the two day international conference for the tenth time, which was held on April 23-24 at Budapest. The conference was centered on the double challenge of the year 2015, since this year beside the closing of operative programme of the 2007-14 period, the 2014-20 new EU budgetary cycle has started off with the execution of the greatest economy stimultant programme.

ArchEnerg Cluster has lectured in Human Club

At the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, at 15.00 on 2015. April 15. András Gonda - Managing Director and György Szügyi - International Innovation and Organisation Development Vice-President have lectured on behalf of ArchEnerg Cluster. The subject with the title "The HR specialty of succesful cluster operation" was held within the framework of Humane Club with the patronage of the National Union of Humane Experts.

The ArchEnerg has participated on the 1st Cluster World Congress

The ArchEnerg International Renewable Energy and Building Innovation Cluster participated in the Cluster World Congress organized in Poland. Our Cluster was represented by András Gonda Managing Director, Dénes Bulkai Cluster President and György Szügyi International Innovation and Organizational Development Vice-President. On the event, cluster excellence, financing and management was mentioned. On the congress, our cluster has gained closer relationship with more foreign cluster.

Cluster World Congress 2015

1Will be organized on 2015 March 25-26 in Poland, Dabrowa Gornicza. The Congress will be realized with the participation of 83 countries and the European Community. Amongst the topics of the event, cluster excellence, financing and managing will be mentioned.

Introducing the Energotest Ltd.

energotestThe Energotest Ltd. is a hungarian engineering owned enterprise established in 1990. The company attends to the clients' occasional special demands. It is present in Hungary and 9 other country in the following areas:

Introducing the Váradi Metal Ltd.

The Váradi Metal Ltd. produces high-standard, reliable quality metallurgic products with advanced technology for more than 10 years. They are well-known in Germany, Austria and the Netherlands, but lately they gain ground on the domestic market. The production runs on three sites.

Introducing the Vilometric Ltd.

NévtelenThe Vilometric Mérnökiroda Ltd. was established in 2009 with headquarters in Budapest XI. district. Our primary goal is to establish an engineering office in the field of building electricity, that capable of meeting the required engineering design and expert demands of highlighted rapidly developing electric and electronic systems, appliances.