Cluster Membership


Process of joining the cluster

  1. Recognition of the Strategy, the Organisational and Operational Rules, and the Ethic Codex (can found on our web site) by the applicant
  2. In case of agreeing with the operational rules and the purposes of the cluster, the applicant fills in the entering statement, which can be found on our web site
  3. The entering statement have to be send to the This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. e-mail address, with represented the applicant’s name and the “Cluster membership application” term in the subject of the letter
  4. The Cluster Directorate returns the verdict about the entering. Only a natural person or legal entity can be the member of the cluster, who’s entering statement the Cluster Directorate accept
  5. The decision will be delivered by the Cluster Management

Benefits of the Cluster Membership

Services provided to the members

  1. Strengthen lobbying ability, joint public appearance
  2. Provide the professional and management background
  3. Increase recognition, develop networks
  4. Strategic goals, development directives
  5. Easier access to development resources
  6. Participation in national and international projects
  7. Enhance competitiveness
  8. Project generation, joint investments
  9. Joint developments and technological procurement
  10. Participation in national and international exhibitions, conferences
  11. Facilitate information flow

Cluster marketing

  • Common public appearance
  • Free PR
  • Appearance on the website of the cluster


  • Favourable credit possibilities
  • Foreign coverage options to raise capital

Tender watch, partner search

  • Organize consortiums for projects
  • Joint domestic and foreign projects
  • Tender watch

Cluster monitoring

  • Auditing obligations, e.g. validating qualitative aspects

Needs assessment, infrastructure-search

  • Identify demand and supply conditions of the regional and other markets, inform members, create databases and business information systems
  • Build up new market connections
  • Organizational management, logistic monitoring, consultancy

Creating research databases

  • Survey of renewable energy technologies, information-transmission

Needs assessment and mediation of trainings

  • Organising training courses connected to renewable energy (eg. solar collectors, heat pump heating systems, photovoltaic systems etc.)

Organising professional trainings

  • Introduction to clean and renewable energy
  • Promote modern construction, insulation and electrical installation techniques
  • Energy efficiency and environmental protection programmes