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  • TelecommunicationGreen Energy (DÉMÁSZ Partner)
  • Lighting technology (energy efficiency):
  • LED lighting technology and solar PV systems

A-HÍD Építő Zrt.

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  • Bridge building: complete detailed design, bridge construction, bridge reconstruction
  • Highway construction, public utilities construction, massive earthworks
  • Construction of railways, tramway construction, underground construction
  • Hydraulic Engineering: engineering structures, bed planning, bed covering
  • Sewerage and sewage treatment plant construction
  • Construction of landfills, recultivation

Aero Energi Kft.

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  • Renewable energy projects
  • Wind Measuring Systems
  • Technical testing analysisElectricity trade
  • Electrical and communication equipment for public works
  • Architectural and engineering activities and related technical consultancy

Agro Marketing '95 Kft.

  • Agricultural Wholesale

Agulhas-Solar Kft.

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  • Solar cell production: production of photovoltaic solar modules

Altherm Kft.

Alu-Profil Nyílászárógyártó Kft.

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  • Aluminum and plastic doors, accessories
  • Shading technologies

ARK Innovatív Zrt.

  • Architecture; Renewable energy;
  • Solar and geothermal energy

AsiaNet Hungary Kft.

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  • Energy auditIndustrial design of solar plants
  • PV power plants

ATEV Fehérjefeldolgozó Zrt.

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  • Finished product production
  • Animal by-product collecting and processing


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  • Agricultural, material handling, building-trade, machine and spare parts distribution, repair, hire
  • Adult education: Lifting equipment (excluding trucks), truck management and organization of excavation, loading, and transport machine operator
  • NTR training, conducting

Barré Informatikai Kft.

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  • IT and programming

Békés Drén Kft.

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  • Conservation;
  • Waste Management;
  • Water management; Architecture

Bódai Műanyag Kft

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  • Plastics and other materials for packaging;
  • Bags;
  • Foils

Corn Form Kft.

  • Grain Wholesale

dr. Cholnoky Környezetgazdálkodási Nonprofit Kft.

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  • Environmental management

EFFEKTA Hungary Kft.

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  • Manufacturing, servicing and maintenance of UPS devices

Energia Kazánjavító Kft.

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  • Boiler Cleaning and Repair
  • Installation and repair of power supply house appliances


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FGPI Tanácsadó Kft.

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  • Project management,
  • grant management,
  • business management and other management consultancy activities


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  • Wood stoves: production and distribution;
  • laser cutting and bending of sheet metal

FöldgépTrans Kft.

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  • Construction and demolition works, transportation;
  • Mechanical earthmoving

Geologistic Kft.

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  • Road construction;
  • Transportation;
  • Machine renting;
  • Breakdown service;
  • Machine carriage

Gépcentrum Kft.

  • Site preparation;
  • Rental of construction machinery;
  • Landscaping;
  • Highway construction

GET Kft.

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  • Lighting systems and individual products;
  • Unique RF systems

Goboker Kft.

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  • Heating; Industrial fittings;
  • Renewable energy;
  • Saniters;
  • Accessories;
  • Tools;
  • Engineering services

GoodWill Consulting Pályázati Tanácsadó Kft.

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  • Tender monitoring;
  • Project Management;
  • Government
  • Procurement services;
  • Energetics;
  • Support for market access


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  • Modernization of public lighting networks


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  • Freight rail transport

IC-Produkt Zrt.


  • Project management
  • IT investments
  • Business consulting

Innofor Invest Kft.

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  • Information technology products for agriculture and trade
  • Product Development; IT Service

Inwatech Kft.

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  • Sewage treatment plants and biogas plants

K+F Kutatás-fejlesztési Tanácsadó Központ Kft.

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  • Tendering, strategic planning, product development consulting; Business plans

Kalcit-2006 Kft.


  • High purity calcium carbonate grinds production

Kárai Trans Kft.

  • Transport services; Automotive repairs, maintenance

Kardinalis Kft.

  • Wholesale trade of motor vehicle parts; Concrete and plaster production

Kon-Trade+ Kft.

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  • Vacuum devices and special purpose machines

Magyar Közút Nonprofit Kft.

  • National road network maintenance, operation, renovation

Magyar Mélyépítő Kft.

  • Organic matter and liquid manure storages;
  • Sewage treatment plants;
  • Canal restoration;
  • Concrete Road construction and demolition

MASINA Gépgyártó Kft.

  • Countersink, batteries, spare parts, machines construction
  • Construction and reconstruction of feed mixing plants
  • CNC machining, milling
  • Laser cutting, water cutting

Mester-Patent Bt.

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  • Complete constructing
  • Custom Software Development

Metál Hungária Építő Kft.

  • Residential and non-residential buildings construction

Metál Hungária Holding Zrt.

  • Residential and non-residential buildings construction

MIX-R Kft.

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  • Hardware Product Development
  • Software development to computers
  • Building up other services and systems

Nyír-Lift Kft.

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  • Lifts and elevators; Laser machining

Pilze-Nagy Kft.

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  • Oyster mushroom cultivation and sales, production of raw materials and waste recovery

Project Control Expert Kft.

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  • Project planning, monitoring and controlling services
  • Operative controlling activities

REKARD Hajtómű- és Gépgyártó Kft.

  • Production and distribution of industrial engines and parts

Sanex Pro Kft.

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  • Production of plastic building materials; bathroom equipment

Schnell-Tel Kft.

  • General construction of wireless telecommunication connections
  • Anemometer masts manufacture, installation
  • Structural architecture and civil engineering

Selmeczky & Tsa. Kft.

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  • Plumbing and Hosing
  • Lock-fitter activities
  • Plastic trade

SmART Sol Engineering Kft.

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  • Parts Manufacturing
  • Machine building
  • Domestic and foreign engineering solutions

Sulzer Eldim (HU) Kft.

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  • Turbine component production

Szegedi Tudományegyetem

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  • Higher education
  • R & D activities

Tandofer Informatikai Kft.

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  • Development of management systems and special custom softwares

Thermokerámia Gyártó és Forg. Kft.

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  • Technical ceramic products

TMT Hungária

  • Fuel wholesale; Plant Oil pressing

Transcommers Kft.

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  • Multimedia services
  • Technical damage evaluation services
  • Parts production

VasBeta Kft.

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  • Heavy iron trade
  • Fir lumber trade
  • Building materials trade

Váradi Metál Kft.

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Végvár Építő Kft.

  • General and electricity construction


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  • Real estate distribution, tenement, condominium management

Verarbeiten Pausits Kft

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  • Manufacturing of welded structures
  • Metal cutting

Vilometric Kft.

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XITECH Informatikai Kft.

  • Computer, peripheral equipment and software retailing
  • Other information technology service