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Bioenergieteam Gmbh.

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  • Solar Energy
  • Biomass
  • Storage technology
  • Heat pumps

BioWindSolEnergy Kft.

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  • Solar, wind energy

Domi Épületgépészet e.v.

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  • General building construction; Renewable energy utilization
  • Solar collectors; Heat pumps

Electric Forest Bt.

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  • Brush control, logging, landscaping, networking

ÉLŐFÖLD Kereskedelmi Feldolgozó és Szolgáltató Szövetkezet

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  • Wind and solar energy, renewable energy systems
  • Herbal medicine production, collection, sales
  • Plant protection
  • Rodent and insect control
  • Landscape and garden construction

Eurotrió Kooperáció 2000 Bt.

  • Building Energy concept; Energy Certificate; Sports and recreation consulting, training
  • Every Green Energy Holding
  • Other natural sciences research in professional scientific and technical areas

Kiss László ev.

  • Building installation services

KNS és Lányai Bt.

  • Building strategy; Business Development;
  • Media;
  • Project management

Kozma László

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  • Painting and decorating with large industrial machines


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  • Tender consulting, application monitoring
  • operative activities
  • EEOP energy applications management

Residens Kft.

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  • General and building implementation
  • Building electricity and building services
  • Facility management
  • Accounting Services

Ventosus Mérnök Iroda Kft.

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  • Building engineering and power engineering
  • Full range of general planning and technical control

Voluntas Holding Kft.

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  • Energy Management Services
  • Business and management consultancy
  • Trainings in energy trading, production, procurement topics