About Us

What is a Cluster?

A cluster is a group of enterprises and institutions that co-operate and also compete with each other. Their activities focused in one or two specific economic sectors and are bound together by common technologies and capacities.

The assistance provided by a cluster is really important as the economic competition is getting more and more intense. The demand for new solutions is on the increase and the work of researchers and innovators becomes more valuable.

Short History

ArchEnerg was established in 2007 with the aim of creating an economic and social model based on renewable energy sources and energy efficiency that moves green economy enterprises and society towards a more sustainable future. ArchEnerg International Renewable Energy and Building Trade Cluster won the certificate of „Accredited Innovation Cluster” all times.


During its operation the Cluster has developed an extensive activity network. The primary task is to support its members participating in the strategic industrial sectors. This includes infrastructure development, lobbying, marketing and generation of interest for their products and services. It also aims to increase public awareness regarding renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Our cluster's management organization is SolarTech Nonprofit Kft., which accoring to the cluster mission, primarily offers services in the field of preparating, planning and impelementation of innovation-containing developments.

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