Introducing the TSG 2006 Ltd.

Their company cares about mainly price-making (they make free 1pc itemized quotation), tender writing (wthey undertake business development, energy, human, national and EU co-financed projects related to professional writing proposals, managing the financial closure of projects, people and businesses alike), planning (building designing, sizing, costing) systems.

They accept:

  • Industrial, technology Installation
  • Piping Installation
  • Technical design
  • Heat points
  • Solar systems
  • Central heating fireplaces
  • condensing boiler technology
  • Inner Engineering
  • construction of gas pipelines
  • construction of water pipes and central heating systems
  • designing and building systems 
  • Ventilation and air-conditioning installation
  • Responsible for technical management, administration
  • Building Management
  • Building management


As a main contractor, they undertake the implementation of various facilities, from design to turnkey construction. In the retail sector, private homes, condominiums and row houses full implementation, as well as the modernization of housing and energy refurbishment of the company. They also have experience in Public building construction: they carried out municipalities, pensions, of administrative, educational, cultural and sports facilities, health care, service centers, construction of church buildings or complete renovation. They help our customers with professional consulting for the construction, renovation projects related to domestic and EU co-financed projects selection, professional writing, management of the company.

The TSG 2006 Kft. undertakes both building work for the people and institutions from design to construction.

  • Plumbing
  • Building Plumbing
  • Old plumbing system refurbishment and reconstruction
  • Gas Installation
  • Design and technology transfer
  • Gas pipeline systems
  • Reconstruction of Gas Pipelines
  • New gas pipelines, steel, copper and stainless steel tube technology
  • Replace Gas heaters
  • Heating installation
  • Building heating systems for the steel, copper and plastic pipe technology
  • Renovation of old heating systems
  • Renovation and modernization of boiler plants

They deal with the prevalent technology solutions today are the following:

  • Construction, water heating, pool heating, backup heating, solar systems
  • Pellet-fired boilers, fireplaces, building
  • Heat pumps, installation and maintenance of heat pump system, geothermal energy
  • Creation of rainwater utilization system

Address: 6724 Szeged, Bakay Nándor Street 23rd

Tel: 06 62 / 317-067

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