COSMENERG first professional workshop


A cluster excellence training and knowledge sharing workshop took place on 10-11 January 2017 within our current international project named COSMENERG coordinated by the European Cluster Excellence Gold-Labelled ArchEnerg Cluster. The two-day training was facilitated by our organizational development expert of innovation György Szügyi, who shared his international cluster management experience and lectured the conditions of the fulfillment of the gold label with the consortium project partners. The other goal of the workshop was to strengthen the cooperation among the clusters.

 The members of COSMENERG consortium:

A great emphasis was put on the development areas during the training and therefore the leaders of the clusters were introduced to unique solutions specifically directed to their needs. The participants were provided with detailed instructions and guidance to conduct SME members need analysis. By this, SME members' need analysis can be incorporated into cluster operation with a novel method that is to offer an excellent quality service resulting in the highest added value through cluster strategy/service development.

The structure of the training:

1. Advancement of skills and competence of cluster managers,
2. Economic and professional analysis for the elaboration of surveys for SME members,
3. Value-chain and market analysis,
4. Preparation and elaboration of general cluster strategies,
5. Sharing international experience,
6. Dissemination of the results of the project via communication.

One of the conclusions of the workshop was that: international competitiveness can be reached through value-chain development within the enterprise and strategy-based cluster support development. The cluster directors got acquainted with different managing methods and feedback tools so as to achieve success.

Acknowledged Cluster Managers

Lajos Vajda, the director of the Enterprise Development Foundation of Kovászna County, gave over a jubilee diploma to the managers of ArchEnerg Cluster for the occasion of the existence of ASIMCOV for twenty years. Dr Dénes Bulkai, András Gonda and György Szügyi were rewarded by this diploma of appreciation for their work of ten years in support of the foundation.
The handover of the diploma was due to the international project of enterprise and cluster reinforcement by COSME, the financial programme of the European Union. The members of the international consortium became acquainted with the methods of urban and business development from the cluster of gold label, meanwhile they have also been practicing catalysts in their home countries for many years.

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