Introduction of Moltech AH Ltd.

The company is striving to give the best service to those who work in the fields of material handling and drive technology with the production of components of unique design and excellent quality.

Moltech Material Handling- and  Drive Technology Ltd.


Main Profile:

  • conveyor belts
  • pallet moving trundles
  • driving belts
  • design and implementation of complete material handling systems and subassemblies as well

The core of material handling equipments is the drum motor for which the Dutch Van Der Graaf Company has been chosen by being the most reliable producer, so as to manufacture best-quality equipments for the customers.

Other Services:

  • On the spot service of conveyor belts
  • Production of unique-design components even in small numbers with a short delivery deadline
  • Conception of productive investments, their technological development and accounting in tight collaboration with Storno Soft Ltd.
  • Quick service and restoration of drum motors
  • Continuous counsultation with customers


Address: 6785 Röszke, II. Körzet 107., Hungary

Tel: +36 (62) 573 – 057

E-mail:This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.