Meeting in Kecskemét for Accredited Innovation Cluster Managers

Cluster Manager Club V, the professional meeting for the managers of accredited innovation clusters took place in Kecskemét on 21 March 2017 for the fifth occasion. This informal event was hosted by the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Bács-Kiskun County. Both the cluster manager club and the gathering was supported by the International and Cluster Department of the National Economy Ministry of Economy Programme Responsible Deputy State Secretary. The aim of the cluster manger club is to be in perpetual contact with the clusters in our country and the formation of a closer collaboration between these clusters.

Industry 4.0. is in focus 

Some of the professional topics of the meeting in Kecskemét were the correlations between the improvement of life standard and technological development, digital production - the up-to-date production approach in other words the conceptual bases of Industry 4.0, the role of clusters in Irinyi plan, furthermore the cluster services playing a significant role in the self-sustaining operation of the clusters along with their experience in international qualification. 

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József Gaál , president of BKMKIK


Industry 4.0 is a conception of such, reacting the challenges of an ongoing new industrial revolution primarily with full automation and digitization of industrial processes. As a result, certain trades and tasks will expectably seize to exist but new ones will consequently appear demanding a complex knowledge. “This duration must be well followed by the educational system by training a workforce with a competitive competence being able to fulfil the expectations of employers” said Szabolcs Szemerei the chief executive officer of Dual Education of Kecskemét Ltd.(KEDO).

The Challenges of Generation Z

Szabolcs Szemerey highlighted that the members of generation ”Z” (homo globalis) will attend universities in a few years then will appear as employees at the labour market for whom the employers will have to compete according to recent surveys. It is the mutual interest for companies and institutions that tertiary education could adjust to the requirements of Industry 4.0 taking the expectations of generation ”Z”  into account.

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Szabolcs Szemerey, managing director of KEDO Zrt.


A complex (technical, economical, environmental) training should be offered to the becoming students being exemplary at an international level, which is essential in the future. A digital curriculum must be developed that is able to give an experience-based, competitive knowledge.

The colleagues, taking part in the training at Pallas Athene University, are striving to give the knowledge and competence to the students that are adequate to the market and generation needs within the limits of accreditation. The new visual plan of the campus of the Pallas  Athene University, which will become the new centre of Kecskemét mainly used by the youth, was shown by the chief executive officer. Five buildings are expected to be built: , educational and administration premises, a library, dormitory and a cultural centre in the territory of a 5.5 hectare in more than 30.000 square meters, in the so called “Western Gate“ development zone of the town. Here the students will learn with the help of the most up-to-date technologies.

Experiences and Challenges of International Clusters

Two other lectures could be heard during the afternoon. One of them was held by Zsuzsanna Pintér the cluster manager of INNOSKART IKT Cluster. She was speaking about the opportunities for the clusters to join international programmes and their international classification experience, meanwhile Mónika Gortva-Kónya, the manager of Software Innovation Pole Cluster in Szeged, was giving a lecture about the possible services of the cluster management and the self-supporting operation of the clusters. On the second day of  the event, the cluster managers visited the factory of Phoenix Mecano Ltd. in Kecskemét where they were given the chance to take a look at the advanced, lean operation. Several Industry 4.0. solutions were introduced at the manufacture of logistics by the directors of Phoenics Mecano.

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