Another new international network is added to the partners of ArchEnerg

Internationalization has a prior role in the life of ArchEnerg that is signified by several international and professional events in which we have taken part. During these occasions, we are eager to evolve a tight relationship with the most significant European organizations and networks and this way we got acquainted with ERRIN.

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What is ERRIN?

ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network), established in 2001, is an organization seated in Brussels with more than 120 registered members. The aim of this network is to help exchange experience among the members especially focusing on R&D&I projects. ERRIN intends to contribute to the realization of the strategic purposes of Europe 2020, moreover to the advancement of Smart Specialisation Strategy (S3) within the Innovative Union.

ArchEnerg Cluster have made quite a few efforts to study the operation and network activities of ERRIN just as to identify the fields that can be useful to the members. By joining this network, the cluster could indirectly redound the competitiveness of the members and at the same time to the extension of their international connections. For this reason, we participated in a working group meeting on 26 April 2017. concentrating on energy, co-working with the members of ERRIN.

The agenda of Energy Working Group meeting were the followings:

1. Introduction of AVAESEN Cluster

2. Horizon Prize application

3. Overview on the event: Getting ready for new H2020 Work Programmes (2018-2020)

4. Climate Street project

5. SINTEF Brokerage event on Bioenergy

The next working group event is supposed to be on 21-22 May that is going to outline the energy working programme of EU applications for the next two years.