More visitors than before at Friends of Hungary Conference IV.

The Foundation is a bridge between the Carpathian Basin and the Hungarians of the Diaspora. Its mission is to give information about the events of Hungary and the results of the Hungarians which are value-driven but rather unique. Its members are Hungarians living in other countries and foreigners, who are successful and fond of Hungarian culture. Our foundation wishes to create a complete and more correct picture of Hungary and Hungarians with the help of its increasing community. Today and Ungarn Heute news portals of the Foundation supply those foreigners with information day by day, who are interested in Hungary.

 The participants of the world summit, arranged by the Friends of Hungary Foundation, were welcomed by János Áder the President of the Republic at Alexander Palace. Our cluster was represented by Tony Kez at this noted event where discussions took place about Hungarian science, arts, sports and Hungarian minorities. A performance was held by the significant actors of politics and Hungarian public life. Firstly, the performance of the young talents of Fölszállott a Páva (The Peacock has Ascended) folk music talent show could be seen followed by a Saturday-night concert remembering Zoltán Kodály.
The Friends of Hungary Foundation has dispensed the award of the Friend of Hungary for the first time at the fourth Friends of Hungary Conference. The awarded are: Reinhard Olt journalist, Béla Lipták the leader of American Hungarian Lobby, moreover the Association of American Hungarians.
Within the programme of „Meet your ambassador" the American, British and Canadian citizens were welcomed by David Kostelancik temporary charge d'affaires, Iain Lindsay and Isabelle Poupart ambassadors. Our guests from Germany visited the German Embassy where Rolf Moormann second secretary welcomed them. The Friends of Hungary Conference IV. was supported by the Prime Ministry of State Secretariat for National Policy.