Vojvodina – Hungary Forum Held Within Novi Sad Fair

A mutual business forum was held by Vojvodina and Hungary at the display and conference hall of Novi Sad. A joint venture agreement was signed by the Vojvodina Chamber of Economy, the Hungarian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hungarian-Serbian Business Council.

A lecture was given to the participants by György Szügyi, the Innovation and Organizational Development Vice-President of our cluster.

szugyi gyorgy

The business relations between Hungary and Serbia are prosperous owning to a perpetual, remarkable, cooperative intention that is contributed to the confirmation of economic links. It was stated at the Vojvodina-Hungary Foreign Economic Forum within the 84th International Agricultural Fair of Novi Sad. The attendants were welcomed by Slobodan Cvetković, the director of the fair, followed by István Pásztor the president of the Provincial House of Representatives expressing his jubilation about the fact that Vojvodina has become a place of business attraction. Adding to this, more than 50 companies were represented from Hungary at the fair.

'Its policy was significantly completed as the political relations between these two countries are free from barriers without any unanswered questions but with a perpetual, remarkable, cooperative intention during the last few years. As a result, both Hungarians and Hungarian communities living here have such great prestige now that I have never experienced in my entire life. It is definitely an outcome which confirms the opportunities of building economic relations meaning that Hungarian enterprises are welcome to Vojvodina. They are treated as an entrepreneurial layer from an amicable country and it gives safety. The great Hungarian interest in this fair is similarly rejoicing.' said Pásztor.

Đorđe Milićević, the vice-president of the government of Vojvodina, spoke about the relationship of the two countries stating that these pieces of positive experience will encourage the political leaders to preserve, nurture and improve this affair. As Serbia is on the way to the European Union, the support from Hungary is especially good. The exchange of goods carried out between the two countries worth 488 dollars that is 6.1 % more than it was in the previous year. The producers of Vojvodina transported items worth 275 million dollars to Hungary – emphasised the vice-president of the government. Success at other foreign markets can be achieved by innovative projects highlighted Dr Petra Pana the deputy state secretary responsible for foreign affairs from the Ministry of External and Foreign Affairs of Hungary.

'The idea of creating innovative projects in economic sectors can contribute to the enhancement of our existing economic connections. We could appear at the market of third countries with our high quality, value-added products due to these innovative projects. There is possibility for collaboration in agricultural machine production, innovative agricultural technology and food industry.' uttered the deputy state secretary.

'If political relations were not as stable and balanced as in the last few years, the excellent results in economic life and commercial relationships would not have come to realization. At the same time, specific attention is needed to pay to different areas so as to maintain these results without difficulties. The two governments were led by this recognition when a letter of intent was signed in Budapest at the Hungarian-Serbian governmental summit two years ago aiming and synchronizing the infrastructural development of the two countries.' added Dr Attila Pintér the ambassador of Hungary in Belgrade.

A joint venture agreement was signed by the Vojvodina Chamber of Economy, the Hungarian-Serbian Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Hungarian-Serbian Business Council.

Source: http://www.vajma.info/