The expo in Kazakhstan is a great opportunity for the development of Hungarian energetics

The event taking place in the Kazakh capital, with the participation of Hungary, focusing on the energy of the future, reduction of carbon-dioxide emission as well as energy efficiency.


The energy world trade exhibition started in Astana on Saturday, June the 10th. The aim of the expo is to collect the leading experts of the world and discuss the conception of future energy, which is the main theme of the display, such technologies which produce energy from renewable energy resources. The experts travelling to the world trade exhibition of Astana are going to have a discussion not only about the means of green energy creation but also the problematic questions of developing countries in order to find the most suitable solutions.

’The world trade expo in Astana is an important occasion for our country to introduce

our solutions related to future energy, give an insight into our innovational diversity especially in the fields of agriculture, agricultural industry, energetics, construction industry, services of engineering, just as the areas of machine-vehicle industry and tourism.’said Mihály Varga in his welcome speech.

The central conception of the more than 400 square-metre Hungarian Pavilion is solar energy as one of the most important renewable energy resource together with the Life Tree symbolising the plant that uses this sort of energy in the most effective manner.



Those Hungarian companies were given the opportunity for the attendance of the expo which are able to recommend progressive solutions, their activities are relevant to the central topic of the display, additionally they have achieved significant results in the field of research-development and innovation. Among the exhibitors, MVM Magyar Villamos Művek (Hungarian Power Companies) and MOL introduced the most up-to-date solutions for the decrease of carbon dioxide emission in the theme of renewable energy. There was also room for a Hungarian startup, the solar cell pavement Platio that is partly made by the usage of urban waste and beside other things, it is able to utilize solar energy.

The energy word trade expo lasts from 10 June to 10 September with the participation of over 100 countries as exhibitors, where five million visitors are expected.

Further information about the Hungarian Pavilion and expo is available here.