Value Chain Development of Clusters at COSMENERG II. Workshop

The next meeting of the international project COSMENERG took place in Jablonna, a town nearby Warsaw, on 4 and 5 July 2017., where the main goal of the participants was the development of the clusters' value chain systems.

Venue: KEZO (Centrum Badawcze PAN Konwersja Energii i Źródła Odnawialne)
Date: 2017. 07. 4-5.
Organizer: Baltic Eco-energy Cluster

Archenerg Claster, Hungary
Green Energy Biomass Cluster, Romania
Netzwerk Energie und Umwelt e.V (Neu e.V), Germany
Baltic Eco-energy Cluster, Poland
Ecopanonia - Eco-energy and eco-culture Cluster, Serbia

The two-day intensive and interactive workshop was held by Anna Lis, the adjunct of the Polish Gdansk University of Technology, whose area of expertise is clusters and corporate value chain systems.

Anna Lis

Anna Lis
Gdansk University of Technology 

 The workshop was opened by the cordial welcome speech of the host Polish partner. It was followed by the account of Anett Török, the project manager of COSMENERG, regarding the progression and future plans of the project.

Workshop I. – The analyzation of the clusters’ value chain systems

By Anna's lecture, the participants learned about the complex methodology of corporate value chain management, the role of the clusters in corporate value chains, the most important elements and processes of corporate value chains, the possible competitive advantages of the value chain system, furthermore the latest trends in value chains.

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The trainer drew the attention of the clusters to the need to prioritize the role of cluster management in the cluster, to identify the strengths and weaknesses of the cluster, to specify the forms and levels of the cooperation model, to define the main activities, problems and obstacles of reaching a higher level of collaboration.

The introduction of best practices to the consortium

Having the above mentioned unfolded, the Serbian ECOPANONIA and the Hungarian ARCHENERG shared their best practices with the others along with the introduction of the development and planned advancement of the current value chain processes.

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IMG 1311

In the rest of the workshop, interactive group-work took place in groups of four or five. During this activity, the clusters were analyzed, their achievements were discussed, completed following the presentations as well as further suggestions were given to each other.

Workshop II. – Elaboration of cluster products and services 

On the second day, Anna summarized the outcome of the previous day. The aim of the clusters was also to create a specific cluster product / service on the basis of their competences and skills and build the necessary value chain from raw material procurement to post-sales services. After the brainstorming activity, the clusters presented their results then helped each other by several complements, suggestions or remarks.

IMG 1356

IMG 1358

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Visiting the KEZO Research Centre

The venue of the training was the KEZO Research Centre where the technical director guided the guests around in the enormous building, its technical infrastructure and laboratories were shown as well.

The complex is said to be one of the most modern research centres of Europe using several forms of renewable energy (wind-, solar-, and thermal energy, heat pump system, etc.). 

The mission of KEZO is to create a bridge between the sphere of industry and research.

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Our cluster at the workshop of Jablonna was represented by the president Dr Dénes Bulkai and Máté Dezső the cluster manager.

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