Insight into the network of ERRIN

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An informative meeting took place on 29 September 2017. in Budapest focusing on the international network of ERRIN co-arranged by Tender Network Zrt.and  ArchEnerg Cluster

Anett Ruszanov, representing ERRIN, introduced the direct Brussels-based organization with 136 members aiming to help with EU funds in the fields of innovation, research and development. ERRIN (European Regions Research and Innovation Network) owns a platform where the members can contact each other in purpose of partnership. They are divided into 15 thematic working groups offering participation in specific working group meetings and other international events, moreover to acquire new, international relations.

ERRIN working group

Our cluster is among the first few from Hungary joining this Brussels-based platform. As a result, it was introduced to the members of ERRIN Energy & Climate Change Working Group by György Szügyi, the innovation and organizational development vice-president of ArchEnerg, on  2 October 2017. 

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ERRIN Energy Working Group meeting (Brussels)

The introduction has uncovered the fact that our cluster is considered to be unique in the network of ERRIN as no other members of the region has similar focus groups. Besides, we have acquired numerous international connections and get acquainted with the leaders of ERRIN Energy & Climate Change Working Group.