EASME organised an Inter-Consortia Meeting on 2015 Cluster Excellence Projects in Valencia

European Commission’s Executive Agency for Small and Medium Sized Enterprises (EASME) organised an Inter-Consortia Meeting on 2015 Cluster Excellence Projects in Valencia, Spain in the Morning of November 8th

Before the presentations of the five consortia: Cosmenerg, Clusgrid, Ecri, Inno-Drop and Trace-Kei, participating in the Cluster Excellence 2015 programme, the scene was set by a presentation given by Alain Liberos, Policy Officer F2, DG Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs on European Cluster excellence developments to further support Innovation in the new industrial policy from the European Commission's perspective.

A midterm status report of our COSMENERG project was presented on behalf of our consortium by our president, Denes Bulkai: link to presentation.  From among the other members of our consortium Netzwerk Energie & Umwelt could not send a representative, but Baltic Eco Energy cluster was represented by Ewa Domke (Marzena Patoleta joined the conference in the afternoon), Green Energy by Boglárka & Lajos Vajda and Ecopannonia by Mihaly Csaki & Mirjana Kranjac.

Together with the other four cluster consortia 26 cluster organisations were represented.

Clusgrid: Ewa Rekosz (Eastern Cluster ICT/EDA), Alba Alvares Martinez (SOLARTYS), Patricia Fraile (Cluster CET), Dessislava Chalamova (Industrial Cluster Srednogorie), David Camps (SECPhO) and Guillaume Roux (Pole SCS),

Ecri:Kazimierz Murzyn (KLSK), Eugenio Mimosi (BiopMed), Ioannis Trantakis (HBIO), Tomeu Mir, (BIOIB),

Inno-Drop: Clara Presa (ZINNAE), Mylène Desmonts, Jean-Loic Carre, (Aqua Valley, former WSM), Luboš Komárek (Nanoprogress), Katherina Ulrich (BalticNet-PlasmaTec),

Trace-Kei: Francesca Volpe (DARE), Janos Puskas (INNOSKART), Catarina Casadinho (Madan Parque), Enikő Koreh (AGROCO), Daniela Kostova (GRESY), Goran Todorović (CLUEE), Rosmarie Reuss (BIOMASTEC).

All of the consortia reported on good progress and, interestingly, about inter-consortia cooperation.  Clusgrid and Inno-Drop organised their workshops jointly, whereby they were able to save budget resources and develop a reportedly fruitful cooperation.  ArchEnerg has been approached by Trace-Kei with a similar offer.  Consortium leader Francesca Volpe of DARE proposed to organise a joint cluster excellence training session with ArchEnerg already at the kick-off meeting in Brussels.  Now Cosmenerg and Trace Kei has an inter-consortia meeting set up for February through INNOSKART, who were represented by Janos Puskas, their new president.  Interestingly, other two members of the Trace-Kei consortium, Daniela Kostova of GESY and Goran Todorovic of CLUEE have also approached ArchEnerg offering cooperation.

On behalf of EASME there were three presentations:

  • Andrea Golfieri and Magdalena Kleim, Project Advisors of A.1.4 briefed the participants on the project status and the forthcoming tasks and reporting requirements.
  • Valentina Maria Colangelo, Financial Officer of C.1.6 made a short presentation on financial record keeping and reporting.
  • Lucia Seel, ECCP Communication & Content Manager introduced theEuropean Cluster Collaboration Platform

After that Felipe Carrasco, Director International projects ATEVAL talked about the experience of a 2014 Cluster Excellence project (CLUSTEM).

In the end all participants were divided into three group discussions, moderated by EASME representatives as input for the next steps, lessons learnt and co-creation of future developments on cluster excellence.

In the afternoon all participants joined the GROW your REGIOn: Boosting Smart Interregional Collaboration through Clusters conference’s 300 participants: http://ec.europa.eu/growth/content/300-participants-co-create-inspiring-future-cluster-initiatives-grow-your-region-conference_en

The excellent atmosphere of the conference can be seen in this short video presentation a photo gallery:


The conference programme and the presentations are available on the following link:



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