In Collaboration for Mutual Success


The meeting of local organisations of Csongrád County took place in frame of the international project COSMENERG in purpose of the introduction of mutual project ideas connected with the national S3 strategy.

After registration, a presentation on Smart Solutions in the topic of ’Will Szeged become a smart city?’ was held by Bálint Tichy representing Tisza Lajos Public Association. In the first place, the operation of the association was introduced along with its working groups and references. After this, the audience was informed about the forthcoming changes in a city that might occur when it starts using smart technologies in transport and information technology as an example. He also pointed out the possible implementation of these projects by which the quality of life of the residents would advance and city economy would improve as well.

After this presentation, András Gonda, the managing director of ArchEnerg Cluster, talked about the current and future project plans of the cluster that are tightly connected to the National Smart Specialization Strategy and the economic development of Csongrád County (S3). The presentation featured modern construction solutions, furthermore the participants were able to familiarize with the wide range of uses of industrial hemp.

Following the presentation, the participants continued to deepen into the topics mentioned above within a round table discussion and agreed that most of the developments require the cooperation of local actors and close cooperation.


The event ended with an amicable conversation and networking.

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