Award for Cluster Development - a Possible Way to Future Success

The Hungarian National "Quality Innovation 2017" Award Winner, Euromenedzser Professional Expert-Team, represented by György Szügyi, Vice President of ArchEnerg Cluster, received a Special Award from the International Jury of the European Organization for Quality in Bilbao (Spain) on 8 February.


The "Cluster Mirror" service of Euromenedzser was awarded, not only because it is a new Quality and Innovation Methodology, but because it facilitated Methodology, the successful Gold Label audit of ArchEnerg Cluster in 2015.

The Basque Government-recognized Association of Business and Management Excellence organization, EUSKALIT organized the Award Ceremony. At the event nearly 300 professionals from China, through Estonia to Finland were present.

The award-winning "Cluster-Mirror" methodology has received a lot of interest from the Jury and was recommended for further international use and European publicity. In addition to the international recognition provided by the Special Award, using the Cluster-Mirror methodology, can seriously improve the cluster management activities. Through future European Cluster Excellence labeling projects, many more successfully audited organizations of the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis may appear, with the enthusiastic support by the ArchEnerg Cluster Management Organization.