Interview with Ramón Vivanco

Ramón Vivanco Mugarra, the International Project Coordinator of ArchEnerg Cluster answered some questions connected with the Cluster4Smart project.


- What is the purpose of Cluster4Smart project?

- The purpose of Cluster4Smart project is to create an online training course for cluster managers to drive clusters towards smart industry 4.0 and world clusters 4.0.

- Have you ever worked on a similar project?

- No, I have not. It is the first time I have worked in a project on this topic.

- What do you expect from the project?

- I expect that the project produces a very innovative training tool that can be used permanently after the project and it can help strongly clusters to drive its members to the smart industry 4.0.

- Why can it be useful?

- The training tool can be very useful because it will be the first one of this type in Europe and in the European cluster community.

- How many partners joined?

Cluster4Smart has 7 partners: ArchEnerg, AMUEBLA, CEEI Burgos, SCS Pole, IKOSZ, Gnomon, University of Strasbourg, and therefore includes partners from Hungary, Spain, and France.

- How does the project relate to Industry 4.0?

- The project is totally linked to Industry 4.0 because the purpose is to create an online training that helps cluster managers to assist its members to be driven into smart industry 4.0. For the purpose of the training, the project has already prepared a report on the skills, abilities and capacities needed by cluster managers to drive the clusters and help their members into smart industry 4.0.