COSMENERG4i Kick-off Meeting

Five clusters originating in Central and Eastern Europe (Hungary, Romania, Germany, Poland and Serbia) have gathered this week in the Romanian town of Brasov to hold the kick-off meeting of the partnership COSMENERG4i ‘Global Clusters for Renewable Energy and Environmental Technologies’.


The partnership is the biggest one in its field in Central and Eastern Europe and has been created thanks to the project grant ‘Clusters Go International’ funded by the European Commission Executive Agency for SMEs.

The project aims to create a long-term partnership sustainable in the long-run and focuses
on internationalisation services for SMEs, concretely towards the Middle East and Southeast
Asia with new markets foreseen in the future. Thanks to the project activities the
partnership will establish cooperation agreements and business contacts with relevant
stakeholders in the target regions, including governmental bodies, business intermediaries
and other clusters organisations in the field of renewable energy and environmental

Cluster members will be the main beneficiaries of the project activities and will attend
business matchmaking events and internationalisation activities in the target regions. The
partnership will also create top-notch tools and services for their members, including an
online networking and business platform for internationalisation services. Other clusters in
the field of renewable energy and environmental technologies will be able to join
COSMENERG-4i in the future, making it the greatest global alliance in its field originating in
Central and Eastern Europe.