Cluster Representatives Met Innovative Construction Solutions


Our cluster representatives visited the University and Technology Centre of Mindener (Mindener Technologie Zentrum), between 27 and 28 March 2018, where the German engineer colleagues presented a number of energy efficient building complexes based on the latest trends and future cooperation opportunities were also discussed.

We met Professor Uwe Schreiner and Professor Johannes Weinig with the help of Kálmán Harkai, our Vice-President for German Relations, who presented the innovative building technologies and materials they have developed. Due to the popularity of their innovative solutions, BinBau Alliance was formed by them, which combines industrial enterprises and educational institutions of such that are responsible and thoughtful for present and future buildings.

IMG 1753

ArchEnerg Cluster and BinBau Alliance have agreed to consider future cooperation excessively favourable and will make efforts to ensure that both parties benefit from a long-term partnership. In the near future, ArchEnerg Cluster will enter the professional association of BIN-BAU meanwhile BIN-BAU will join ArchEnerg Cluster and the details of the partnership will be recorded in a memorandum of understanding signed by both parties.

Uwe Schreiner helped the colleagues of the cluster visit three sites (a family house, a construction site for reinforced concrete walls and a community home for elderly people), where Mr. Schreiner introduced the building materials, technologies and guided the interested around in the premises. The staff of the cluster became acquainted with the latest construction solutions and were enriched by a great deal of professional experience.

IMG 1788

Immobile Mobile 2050, the house of the future is being built

IMG 1808

Wall 'Casting' using WandModulToaster
Have a look at the video,please. >> VIDEO

IMG 1809

A 56-flat community home for elderly people, built in 10 months with 7 workers using this technology above