The third workshop of COSMENERG project took place on 8 June 2018. in Szeged arranged for the members of Archenerg Cluster.




After registration and the organiser’s welcome, the attendees could have a brief insight into COSMENERG project as revision then the participants were given the chance to ask about the project activities. Following this, a satisfaction survey was filled in focusing on COSMENERG and a bit later a short presentation was given titled as ’Internationalisation towards the East via COSMENERG-4i’. Some of our ongoing projects were also introduced (SCOBE, ITC MInd, Cluster4Smart). After a short coffee break, the members were acquainted with the opportunities regarding the usage of industrial hemp. Hemp can be used by several branches of industry such as food or textile industry. Nevertheless, the utilisation of hemp in construction industry is the most important for us; brick can be made of industrial hemp or hemp mats of excellent quality for insulation purposes. Afterwards, joint application opportunities were consulted and during the rest of time the participants could have a discussion about the presentations they had heard during the morning.

As conclusion, the programme was closed by a short networking and mutual lunch.