COSME Programme Participants Met in Novi Sad

The participants of the EU-financed COSME Programme took part in a two-day meeting in Novi Sad. ArchEnerg, BEEC, Ecopanonia, Green Energy and Energiemetropole Leipzig Clusters have been working in collaboration for nearly two years and they could enjoy the hospitality of the Serbian Ecopanonia Cluster this time.


The event was mainly based on a series of workshops for the nearly completed COSMENERG Cluster Excellence project, focusing on the summaries of achievements and dissemination reports. In addition to the press conference on the project, the meeting was also made more interesting by visits to facilities linked to the renewable energy industry.During the two days, the partners could see one of the well-equipped laboratories of the Mihaljo Pupin Electricity Secondary School having 1500 students educating them in Hungarian language as well, the Electric Schneider DMS specialized on the digital transformation of energy management and automation in Novi Sad, and last but not least, they also visited Mirotin-Energo Ltd., which produces energy from renewable energy sources.

During the meeting, the next steps of the joint, recently launched COSMENERG-4i project were also discussed. The aim of this partnership is to create a service package (CE-ME-ASEAN), including an online network platform, which can be used to build international co-operations to help its members focus on new business relationships, concentrating on the Asian and Middle East markets.

The meeting based on international projects taking place on 29 and 30 August 2018, spent in a really pleasant atmosphere, proved to be very useful for each participant.