Asia Clean Energy Summit


Dr. Denes Bulkai chairman represented our cluster in Singapore.


31 OCT Asia Clean Energy Summit, Singapore:

1. Er. Edwin Khew PBM, Chairman of SEAS, the Sustainable Energy Association of Singapore: Mr Khew is the President of Institution of Engineers, Singapore: He is prepared to sign a MoU with us on behalf of both organisation with the aim of supporting each other in adaptation of new technologies, intellectual property protection, prototype equipment, piloting and testing products and organisation of industrial scale manufacturing and has platform for local partnerships. He can reach funds. We also met Ms Norazah Salim, Administration Executive of SEAS.

2. Ms Sandra Seah, Joint Managing Partner, Advocate & Solicitor @ Bird & Bird. Her law firm is advising the Singapore Government on energy related legislation, e.g. Green Mark scheme introduced by the Singapore Green Building Council: and transport management like the new electronic read pricing system 1. They are also active in setting up joint ventures with the support of Enterprise Singapore: which is a government agency.

3. Mr Laurence Kwan, Director of SUNSEAP. They are a group of companies EPC contractors for photovoltaic project implementation. Their track record is installing over 1.2 GW over the past 12 years in Australia, Cambodia, Malaysia, Philippines, Thailand & Vietnam. They are interested in joint research and development and cooperation in project implementation; however, the idea of entering the European market seem to be premature and will need to be discussed with his management.

4. Tommi Saarela, CEO, Plugit Finland Oy. Europe’s leading vehicle charging system provider with strong presence in SE Asia. They install both DC (minutes) and AC (2-4 hours) chargers for 150 kW to 360 kW capacity. About 85% of their customers are private electric car owners, who buy their equipment for about €500-€1,500 + installation. They are looking for JV partners who would provide about 10 local employees per country (engineers, technicians, sales specialists and a business development officer) to cover Poland, Hungary, Romania and Serbia. They have such JVs in Norway, Sweden, Germany & Singapore. They also provide services to city transport companies who are willing to convert their bus fleet to electronic buses (references include Lisbon).

5. Felix Busse, Vice President, KfW, DEG. Mr Busse is responsible for Energy and Infrastructure projects in Asia & Europe. There is no need for German company involvement in the financed project. They provide financing to local companies and JVs in an amount of €15M - €40M (or syndicate above that amount). The Sponsor’s own capital requirement is 20%-30% depending on country and project. Smaller projects could be financed through a holding company, but he will get a small environmental and energy efficiency projects financing specialist to contact us. They are also very much interested in financing projects in the Western Balkans and Former Soviet Republics.

6. Eloide Hecq, Sales Engineer, BeeBryte, Singapore & France. They are software developers: who provide automated control of heating and cooling equipment to achieve 15%-40% reduction in the utility bills.

7. Md. Abu Bakhr Khan, Head of Export, Rahmafrooz Renewable Energy Ltd, Dhaka, Bangladesh: They are a leading solar energy project developers in Bangladesh, India and Myanmar. They are willing to cooperate with us in research and development and also in project implementation in third countries.

8. Ms Pooja Sharma, Practical Action, Head of Programme, Energy, Kathmandu, Nepal. Practical Action: is an international NGO providing training and demonstration projects to communities in developing countries worldwide. They are looking for partners, who are willing to provide them technical expertise and assist in obtaining funds. They are willing to sign a MoU with us.

9. Messrs Dezső Tóth CEO & Tamás Jakab Apostol, Marketing Manager of BIOLÁNG, a Hungarian boiler manufacturer. They are impressed with our abilities of internationalizing SMEs and expressed their willingness of joining ArchEnerg.

10. Dr Tamás Badacsonyi, Managing Partner of FlexCoop, a Hungarian conveyor belt systems manufacturer. They are an export oriented company and find it interesting that we are able to help access to EU funds in developing their markets outside Europe.

11. Jens Jeage, Policy and business development officer, Alliance for rural electrification, Denmark. They are developing off greed solutions mostly for Africa and India. They are experienced in projects through H2020 and Interreg and want to cooperate in this.

12. Andreas Hauser, Deputy Head Energy storage systems, in VDE Renewables Asia Pte, Ltd. They cover 2000 companies and 6000 members. They are NGO. They do testing, standardization, certification, publishing books, cyber security and industry control. They do students of PhD exchanges. Interested in knowledge transfer, students exchange, presentation of his products, projects.

13. Nagaraja Rao, head investment facilitation, PFAN-Accelerating investment for clime and clean energy. He does consulting and can help in matchmaking events.

14. Adina Violeta Paraschivesca, Project manager, representation of Laos office, Vienna, Austria. They are half bank OEEB and half ILF consulting with portfolio of 10 mill. Euros. Interested to find projects for realization, they look for markets in ASEAN countries.

15. Damian Delev, regional representative for Eastern and Southeast Europe, Bulgaria, SIREA group, they look for partnership with our members in small off greed solutions.

16. Girish Pawar, executive director, cofounder of CIOT Energy from Singapore. Owner of one more company: 3 cubed business consulting. Expert to manage co-working places, interested in partnership and projects.

17. Matteo Vecchiatto, energy professionals, export sales executive, ESPE, Italy. Interested in project development.