Free Training for Cluster Managers is in Sight

’Clusters are considered to be an effective factor in advanced manufacturing and a smart way to work together in different sectors and different parts of Europe’ said Lowri Evans, Director-General for Internal Market, Industry, Entrepreneurship and SMEs.


Lowri Evans is right: Clusters have a significant role in the field of industry, the development of SMEs and the market. The key of a strong and efficient cluster that has a positive impact on its region, is the cluster manager. For this reason, cluster managers must be trained so as to be able to give over their knowledge and information gained to the members while strengthening the cluster, fostering the growth of emerging industries, learning new technologies with a special focus on smart industry.

Cluster4Smart is an Erasmus+ project supported by the European Union with the objectives of the creation of an online training course for cluster managers who will have the chance not only to expand their knowledge but also give added values to their activities. The ones who are working on this course are: the French SCS Cluster as the project leader, the Spanish AMUEBLA and CEEI Burgos, the University of Strasbourg from France, the Hungarian IKOSZ and ArchEnerg Cluster.

The project partners are working hard on the training material to which a bonus topic will also be added centering around the achievement of a gold label. A film has already been created making the course even more special and interesting. It comprises of the development of an internationalisation strategy, targeting relevant partners, building C2C relations, undertaking international missions and examples for internationalisation. Parallelly, an online platform is being developed on which the training material will be available free of charge.

The participant organisations of Cluster4Smart project are to be of great help with insuring a very useful training material for all the cluster managers who are ready to learn, open to the new and by this improve the services of their clusters at international levels.