Push your network to the top of Industry 4.0

Push your network to the
top of Industry 4.0

Cluster4Smart 4th TRANSNATIONAL MEETING in Yecla 

The consortium held its 4th meeting at Amuebla - CETEM's office at the end of March.
After Amuebla welcomed everyone to CeTEM, Yecla (Spain) they presented the agenda.
The key topics of the meeting were the following:

  • The IO3 -  Cluster4Smart training material;
  • The newly introduced partners;
  • The workshops;
  • The IO4 - Cluster4Smart platform;
  • Administrative issues;
  • Project’s communication;
  • Quality Assurance activities;
  • Action list.

Let' see the most interesting topics about how the project is going on!



This is the 3rd phase, the current step of the project, and all project partners are involved. The production of the content of the Cluster4Smart course: developing the training methodology and produce the training content.

Selection of the pedagogical tools

The Cluster4Smart training is being developed as an e-learning training, involving innovative and interactive pedagogical tools. Thanks to E-learning tools, it is possible to learn after work at home in order to acquire a certificate of vocational training.

Using the best pedagogical tool according to the covered topics and to the future trainees was for us essential. That’s why we benchmarked the existing e-learning tools, to select the most appropriate ones.

Here are the e-learning tools which we selected:

  • Videos: We will propose different kind of videos such as course presentation videos (MOOC style), but also motions design videos.
  • Tool sheets and course documents: will help you to better understand go into the course in depth.
  • Quizzes: a funny way to test yourself and reinforce your knowledge
  • Augmented infographics: an interactive way to learn by searching for the information in the form of various media dispatched in a picture.

Production of the training content

Our pedagogical team is composed of professors and professional experts in cluster management from the different consortium’s organisations, including teachers who give classes in the cluster management’s master at the University of Strasbourg. They have been selected according to their expertise as regards the curriculum’s content. A future article series will allow you to get to know better our video speakers. 

Now, we entered the production phase which means: scripts redaction, storyboards, makeup, lights, filming, claps, cuts, music, postproduction just like the shooting of a real movie! We are working hard to provide you a high-quality e-learning experience!

Last but not least, our online courses will be available in February 2020. BUT, see you in a few months for a foretaste of our project with the release of Cluster4Smart’s teaser. So don’t miss that out!

Read more about the training material:



In order to deploy all the training material developed during the project an e-learning platform is developed by creating a massive open online course (MOOC). The platform is also to have a special kind of forum to share best practices and experiences by users. The tool of choice for the implementation is Chamilo.

At the end of the project the Cluster4Smart Platform is tested, the training course is uploaded and validated and the network development for cluster managers, regional developers and stakeholders starts. The Platform will be open for translation and to other fields with the addition of new modules or units, such as a module on human resources for SMEs.

Read more about Platform Development:


Project’s communication

IKOSZ Introduced the new communication partner – Agro ICT Cluster and they continued to present the new propose format of the communication activities.


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