Wind Turbine Composite Materials Market Pit Falls, Present Scenario and Growth Prospects from 2018 to 2025

Composites are used to manufacture varied parts of wind turbine such as blades and nacelles, among others. Lightweight composite materials help to harness wind energy with high efficiency. As a result, the demand for wind turbine composite materials is rising. The global wind industry is shifting toward larger turbines with longer blades, as larger blades are capable of producing higher amount of energy at low costs. Composite materials offer higher reliability and stability. Fibres such as carbon fibre and glass fibre are majorly used in the global wind turbine composite materials market. Glass fibres are high in demand in turbine manufacturing.

Rotor blades are the most important component of a wind turbine. Properties of rotor blades determine the lifetime and performance of a turbine. In fact, rotor blades are the most expensive part of a wind turbine. These materials when combined produce a different material with properties different from the individual materials. Composites are made using various fibres such as carbon and glass fibres.
Composites are of great importance in the manufacturing of wind turbine rotor blade which is the one of the critical component of overall wind turbine structure. With the continuous increment in the length of rotor blades for raising the wind turbine output is providing growth prospects to the global wind turbine composite materials market.

While the developed economies focus on renewing aging structures, the emerging economies are constantly focusing on support structures for the sustaining the growth, subsequently fuelling market growth.

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