Wind Turbine Operation in Hungary Becoming More Expensive

 Up to two megawatt units can be built into a tower (Photo: László Katona)

There has been no wind power plant built in Hungary since 2011. The creation of new capacities is connected to tenders, and according to the information from the Hungarian Energy and Utilities Regulatory Office (MEKH), no tenders are expected in the near future. According to MEKH, wind power plants have a built-in capacity of 328.9 megawatts (MW), the smallest wind power plant has a built-in power of fifty kilowatts, the largest wind turbine is of forty-eight megawatts and the most commonly used per unit is two megawatts. In Hungary, the region most suitable for wind energy utilization is the northwestern part of the country, so two thirds of wind power plants are located in and around the Small Plains of Hungary.

Significant technological advances have also reached wind turbines, and today the installed turbines have an average of three megawatts. Old wind turbines will need more maintenance and renewal in the near future.

Support is only available under the current METAR system, and the award of the grant is almost impossible to be made in the form of a tender.Due to the expiry of old entitlements and the increasing cost of maintenance, the continued operation of wind power plants is doubtful according to MEKH.In addition, a serious problem may be the permanent shutdown of wind turbines which was not expected by the installers.

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