Completed Projects

  • Strengthening the management of the ArchEnerg Cluster

As a part of the project the required management capacity of sustainable cluster operation had been established, research and development projects had been established, benchmarking and essential services of the cluster operation had been developed. (



- project target is to optimize the transport and logistics activity by establishing a special EU ICT (Information and Communications Technology) logistics broker network to increase the competitiveness of the SMEs inside regional networks, make the environment sustainable and preserve the regional areas. In the frame of the project through public procurement the cluster obtained the opportunity of establishing a Hungarian logistics broker network which for the cluster ensure the whole infrastructural and professional human capacity. In the course of the project among others we cooperated with internationally recognized Italian (Institute for Transport and Logistics Foundation, University of Modena and Reggio Emilia), Polish (Institute of Logistics and Warehousing), and German (Fraunhofer Institute for Factory Operation and Automation) partners.

- In the frame of the project, along the partnership of the Western University of Timisoara, in Csongrád County (Temes and Arad County on the Romanian side) the cluster surveyed the condition of domestic wells, and as a result of the research, planning a renewable energy-based water-cleaner device. The main objective is to establish a network of experts from various areas, which helps cross-border organisations operating in the R+D sector taking actions in connection with water quality management. Hungary and Romania have similar water quality problems at the cross-border rural communities, the small family farms’ water supplies are mostly from family wells, which ones’ source is the ground water in most cases. To supply these family farms with appropriate quality water it is necessary to develop a water-cleaner device, which provides fast and cheap solution on the spot.

The purpose of the project is to implement an awareness raising communication campaign (its popular figure is the cute energy-vampire). In the centre of the campaign stand the two most suitable communication channels: the Internet (web site, and the social media) and the campaign programs. The basic feature of the campaign is that it builds upon a large guerrilla marketing type ambient components. The programs are linked to village days of settlements with a population of 2 000-10 000. During the project, the cluster participated in 3-3 village days in the Southern Great Plain. The project had been accomplished by the Archenerg Cluster and the joint partner enterprises.


  • Promoting the utilization of renewable energy sources by establishing a solar collector system capable of producing domestic hot water and supplemental heating

In the frame of the subprogram the cluster created applications and carried out solar collector systems based on the needs of private individuals.