Ongoing Projects

The main objective of the project: energy production beside reducing the load on environment, by evolving and using technologies which transform different types of waste to valuable and useful final products. In a regional pilot project, by cooperating with six cluster members, we are working on energetic utilization and more environmentally friendly disposal of plastic waste by pyrolysis.



The project is about planning and establishing a monitoring system of a model passive house. Researches and studies is being made during the project, scientifically contribute to the regionally adaptation of passive house standards. The purpose of the opening and closing conferences and workshops is to offer exact information about the pay-offs of the technology for the investors, architectures and the public. The project leader is the Politehnica University of Timisoara.



The main objective of the project is to promote the cooperation of SMEs at the cross-border region. In addition to this, another goal is to locate initiations in which way a renewable energy cluster can be created on the Romanian side, with the help of the professional experience of ArchEnerg Cluster and hand over the successful Hungarian practices. The studies are going to map the Romanian and Hungarian cluster policies and cluster-development programs, while conferences and workshops assist the success of the project by bringing together the potential partners. The project leader is the ArchEnerg Cluster, the project partner is the Diaszpóra Foundation (Timisoara) on the Romanian side.


The main objective is: to establish a network supported by many ways (databases, professional publications, workshops, conferences, exhibitions), which provide basis for the cooperation of the enterprises on both sides of the border in the long-run. Bring together Hungarian and Romanian companies, which can discover common directions in their business activities in the future. Target groups: Hungarian, Romanian SMEs, energy suppliers, non-governmental organisations. The project contributes to share experiences between the partners and helps the cooperation of the enterprises in the cross-border area. Our partner on the Romanian side is the Romanian Hungarian Business Association (Romániai Magyar Üzleti Egyesület).


  • Cluster management organisation development and building up a solar collector productioncapacity

In the project, the cluster, as a developing cluster had won a tender, which is supported by the Southern Great Plain Operative Program. In this context, on the one hand, the existing management services are getting developed, new service portfolio is being evolved, and on the other hand we are planning to accomplish an infrastructural project element. The cluster wants to build the infrastructural background, necessary to produce a low price-category solar collector. In connection with the investment, it wants to get the know-how (technology), and the required machines and installations for the production.


  • ArchEnerg Incubator House Establishment

During the project a modern, sustainable business infrastructure will be implemented which contains infrastructure and service development as well. Inside the incubator building, which is to be constructed, will be 13 offices, 2 workrooms, 1 multi-function educate room (can also be used for holding conferences), 1 stock room, and 2 properly equipped courtrooms will be available for the companies moving in. In the project the service portfolio provided by the service centre will also be developed. The enterprises moving in could avail screening, partner searching, business operation consultancy, management consultancy, tender writing, etc., as a part of a complex service mix. In the incubator renewable energy technologies will be used.

Project plans

  • Producing energy efficient building materials based on the regional traditions
  • Intelligent urban management
  • Energetic optimization
  • Product development in building engineering

Target groups

  • Population - Consultancy, state and needs assessment - audit, planning, implementing projects, monitoring
  • Private sector - Consultancy, state and needs assessment - audit, planning, implementing projects, monitoring
  • Public sector - Consultancy, state and needs assessment - audit, planning, implementing projects, monitoring