Doing Business with Canada, the engineer information seminar

Doing Business with Canada, the engineer information seminar
Business seminar organized by the Canadian Embassy, the SZTE Faculty of Engineering and the ArchEnerg Cluster was held on 19.01.2023.

As the opening of the event the Dean Dr. István Bíró greeted the attendees and then presented the possibilities inherent in engineering education. On behalf of the ArchEnerg Cluster, co-chairwoman Lakatosné Dr. Nemes Sarolta  welcomed the participants. The University of Szeged has been a member of the cluster since 2013. 

Dr. István Bíró, the Dean of the Faculy of Engineering
Lakatosné Dr. Nemes Sarolta presenting the cluster


The main guest of the seminar was Canadian Trade Attache Francis Uy, who presented the organizational structure and activities of the Embassy of Canada to Budapest, at the same time, he touched on trade relations and business opportunities between Hungary and Canada. Francis Uy also reported on the trade relations and opportunities of Hungary, Slovenia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Francis Uy's presentation
Francis Uy, Canadian Trade Attache


Trade Commisionner Zsuzsanna Kovács-Mátyus from the Canadian Embassy outlined the projects of the "smart city" to the attendees. There are already many good examples in Canada, thanks to the companies with high competitiveness for the implementation.

Kovács-Mátyus Zsuzsanna, the Trade Commissioner presenting the canadian smart cities

MFOI (Hungarian Development Support Office) consultant Dr. János Matuz informed the participants about the applications for direct EU grants.

Dr. János Matuz's presentation about the EU resources

György Szügyi, vice president of the ArchEnerg Cluster, in his presentation was speaking about the challenges of today's energy crisis. He presented the solutions offered by the cooperation of the ArchEnerg Cluster and the SZTE Faculty of Engineering in this situation. The ArchEnerg Cluster and the SZTE Faculty of Engineering want to contribute to the energy efficiency and environment-friendly attitude of the professionals of the future with the regional energy engineer training, which has been available since February, 2023

Presentation by György Szügyi, vece-president of ArchEnerg Cluster

László Személyi, from Future-Now Kft., presented how an international work team can function effectively - what digital platforms are needed for this.

Presentetion by László Személyi from Future-Now Ltd.

The lectures were followed by networking, during which many business contacts were established on the spot.

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