Last week, members of the ArchEnerg Cluster participated in the SLOBRAZ & ICBUILD E-CONFERENCE ON BRAZIL.
ACETECH Delhi 2023 India Exhibition Booth Designer And Builder
The ICBuild team is visiting New Delhi in December.
The project intends to reflect cross-border challenges and opportunities for sustainable building renovation in the private and public sectors in three Central European countries that share common historical and economic traditions, similar building stock and construction industry culture manifested in building practice.
Sustainability and green technology create new markets
Green technologies such as photovoltaic energy, wind energy, fuel cells and e-mobility are the economic drivers of automation technology. The societal transformation towards sustainability and climate neutrality is generating new business as robotics and automation are seen as key technologies for the transition. This is already reflected in the increased demand for automation and robotics solutions.
Tony Kez's presentation at the Innoweek
ArchEnerg Cluster Vice President Tony Kez gave a presentation at the Innoweek event about ArchEnreg Cluster, Fergana Cluster, the benefits of clustering, innovation.

In the detailed description you can find the YouTube link to Tony's presentation by clicking on it.
Innoweek, the international week for innovative ideas, came to an end on 20 October. The Archenerg Cluster also took part in the event and we have some pictures from the event.
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