Sustainability, education, empowerment - interview with Prof. Dr. István Bíró, President of Archenreg Cluster
Prof. Dr. István Bíró has been a lecturer at the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Szeged since 2009. From March 2024 he will be the President of the Archenerg Cluster. Thanks to his dedication, he has succeeded in developing an attractive training offer for young people, as well as dual and cooperative training in engineering education in Szeged. We also asked the President of the Archenerg Cluster about the beginnings of his renewal and his vision for the national powerlifting championships.
Cross-Border Innovation: Archenerg Cluster Signs Cooperation Agreements with Chinese and Uzbek Research Institutes
The Archenerg Cluster has established and initiated numerous collaborations and professional relationships since the beginning of summer. Chinese and Uzbek relations have also made significant strides in bringing together innovative and common thinking and sustainable partnerships. Prof. Dr. István Bíró, President of the Archenerg Cluster, and Dr. Sarolta Lakatosné Nemes, President of the Uzbek Professional Section, shared their thoughts on the collaborations.
AI is the Future, Claims Computex Taipei 2024
Organized by TAITRA, Computex Taipei 2024, the world's largest IT technology exhibition, took place in Taipei from June 4-7, 2024. The exhibition focused on artificial intelligence, data processing, computing power, and IoT devices. We interviewed Lőrinc Márkus, CEO of Airscan, about his experiences at the event, where he represented Introweb Kft.
The revolutionary invention of the Archenerg Cluster's partner, the Booster E Saver, can reduce fuel consumption by 15%!
The Booster E Saver, developed by Peters Electro, is an innovative device that could revolutionize the operation of diesel vehicles. The device, which operates in a high-voltage electrostatic field, rearranges the spatial structure of diesel fuel molecules, promoting better combustion.
Three Countries, One Goal: Innovation for a Sustainable Future!
A call to action for a Romanian-Canadian-Hungarian business conference focused on green solutions.
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