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Press Release: 1st International RENOINVEST Roundtable on One-Stop-Shop
RENOINVEST Project Successfully Concludes its 1st International Roundtable on One-Stop-Shop. A press release for the event is available. This press release details key highlights and outcomes of the 1st RENOINVEST International Roundtable Meeting, offering comprehensive insights into the discussions, presentations, green financing, and the one-stop-shop approach. It provides valuable information for stakeholders interested in sustainable renovation and green financing initiatives.

In a nutshell

RENOINVEST PROJECT is co-funded by the European Union under the LIFE programme The primary goal of the RENOINVEST Project is to develop action plans for smart investments in sustainable building renovations from 2025 to 2030 in Austria, Hungary, and Slovenia.

RENOINVEST plans to organize national and international roundtables during the project in order to bring together EU policy makers, national and local authorities, financial organizations, enterprises, construction and academic sectors to facilitate comprehensive energy efficiency investments in renovation

RENOINVEST provides a platform for open dialogue involving key financial, private and public experts through the green finance thematic working group activities to identify barriers to the upscaling of long-term financing instruments and propose improvements to support the development of large-scale investment programmes in existing private and public buildings.