Organisational structure

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The motto of the Archenerg Cluster:

" Together for sustainable innovation! "

In the spirit of the "Hungarian Cluster Strategy 2023-2030" announced last year by the Hungarian Government, Archenerg Cluster has also restructured its organization and, in addition to the unchanged goals it has pursued since its establishment, has set new directions and defined breakthrough points that will raise the activities of Archenerg Cluster to the level of the complex qualification requirements of the strategy.
Commitment to innovation and sustainability remains a key element in the overall functioning of the Cluster, but networking efforts will be given more emphasis by the Cluster membership in the future.
The incorporation and exploitation of a wide range of energy, construction, green energy and other technological innovations in the activities of economic operators in many specialised fields, both in agriculture and industry, now require professional professional management, which can only be successfully achieved by the Cluster's extended professional management team in mentoring SMEs.


Dr. István Bíró


Dean of the Faculty of Engineering


Tony KEZ

President of the Canadian-Hungarian Chamber of Commerce

Vice President for International Affairs


Péter Fritz

Energy Engineer

Vice President for Energy Affairs


Dr. Gyula Nagy

Associate Professor, SZTE

Vice President for Regional Development


Dr. Zsolt Hajnalka

University Professor

Vice President in charge of tendering and funding


László Fenyvesi

Mechanical Engineer

Vice President for Technology Cooperation


András Gonda

Managing Director, Cluster Manager

Board member responsible for the operation of the Cluster


Honorary President of the Archenerg Cluster:

Dr. Dénes Bulkai