Energy Efficiency Conference-SMART ENERGY- Hungary-Vojvodina (Serbia) cooperation

Energy Efficiency Conference-SMART ENERGY- Hungary-Vojvodina (Serbia)  cooperation
The forum was organized on April 12, 2022 by the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Archenerg Cluster, where the Smartenergy project of the Archenerg Cluster was presented, and Serbian and Hungarian entrepreneurs presented their activities and drew attention to their innovations.

The meeting was organized from Hungary by the ArchEnerg cluster and the Csongrád County Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and from Serbia by the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and the "Energy Efficiency Cluster" Association.

Dr. Sarolta Nemes Lakatos, co-president of the ArchEnerg Cluster, talks about the effective cooperation between the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce and the clusters for years.

She presented the activities of the Archenerg Cluster and its ongoing Smartenegy Project. which gives a chance and opportunity to cooperate with other European companies and to visit Italian, French and Belgian companies, and know their technologies and operation. It is implemented on the ClusterXchange platform supported by the European Union.


Milan Stojanov, head of the Cabinet of the Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce, also highlighted cooperation with universities and drew attention to the importance of energy efficiency. It was also mentioned that there has been cooperation between the two chambers for decades.

Zoltán Zavargó, the president of the Novi Sad Energy Efficiency Cluster, also said that the goal of the forum is to expand energy efficiency progress and that on this occasion, four businesses from Vojvodina were brought to Szeged today. Péter Lőrincze, the president of the Association of Chambers of Commerce along the Danube, offered the previously established channels and their networks to the Serbian business.


 After the presentations, negotiations took place with the participating parties in the framework of a B2B meeting.


Hungarian companies, Stakeholders, EEN network, Chamber of Commerce of Csongrad-Csanad region

Partners from Serbia:

  • Vojvodina Chamber of Commerce
  • ENEF Klaster, Energy efficiency cluster and its members
  • Optimonia Ltd
  • Tehnomag-teco Ltd
  • CED
  • Conseko Ltd.
  • Jan Kardelis,
  •  Green Mile Team

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