Heat pump system are available at ENERGOTEST Ltd.!

Heat pump system are available at ENERGOTEST Ltd.!
In this article, we would like to submit our cluster member’s latest product the heat pump system.

One of the latest operating systems of the company is the 110 kW geothermal heat pump energy heating center, built in 2013. The design and development of the control system is belonging to ENERGOTEST Ltd.!

Why green energy?

By using green energy, significant cost savings can be achieved, as 5.5 - 6 kW of thermal energy be obtained from 1 kW of introduced electrical energy! Coal, oil or gas heating can certainly be replaced. The energy cost of air conditioning can be significantly reduced because it is more efficient than traditional air conditioning systems. It does not emit smoke or harmful substances.

Currently, the heat pump is the most efficient heating method, which easily avoid combustion and flue gas pollution. In addition to low maintenance costs, it has high operational safety, another advantage is that the property is valued by its own energy source.

In addition to heating, it is also suitable for prepare for 55 ° C.

How does a heat pump system work?

There are several ways to extract soil energy:

  • horizontal ground probe with closed circulation,
  • horizontal pipe laying by direct evaporation,
  • deep drilling with closed circulation,
  • use of groundwater in an open system,

The last option allows water to extract from the ground to be transported by a pump to the heat pump, where geothermal energy is utilized. Depending on the operating condition (cooling or heating), the heated or cooled water returns to the ground.


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