The team of the University of Pécs made a house with extra energy

The team of the University of Pécs made a house with extra energy
The team of the Faculty of Engineering and Informatics of the University of Pécs has designed and built the multifunctional residential building for this year's Solar Decathlon world competition in Wuppertal, based on renewable energy sources and with sustainability in mind.

The energy-efficient house built by the only Hungarian team was inaugurated on May 13 in Pécs by dr. László György, Secretary of State for Economic Strategy and Regulation of the Ministry of Innovation and Technology. 

SOLAR DECATHLON EUROPE 2022 will be held in Wuppertal, Germany, where the competition houses of teams from 18 countries will be judged by a jury. The Hungarian competition house was selected by the pre-jury as one of the eight buildings that will be an active part of the Solar Living Lab showroom in Wuppertal for three years after the Solar Decathlon. The team will have to rebuild the house in 14 days in the competition in Germany.

The Lungs of the city Team project goes beyond the architectural aspect, with an emphasis on social responsibility in addition to ecological sustainability and environmentally positive architecture. The northern facade is designed with a green surface that binds harmful substances, and the southern side has a solar field, which utilizes solar energy and passive energy, thus minimizing the operation of the mechanical equipment that supplies the house with energy. From an ecological point of view, it is a house with extra energy, which is zero or negative in terms of emissions.


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