The fifth presentations of the SMARTENERGY series was held on August 13, 2021 among 9-11 than the participants followed the discussion in the form of B2B meeting to 13 o’clock.

The first speaker was Anthony Kez, who represented the ArchEnerg Cluster. He spoke about the benefits of European cluster networks, because these businesses are ready for industrialization and need to enter into the market. The role of clusters can be used to enhance the potential integration between the energy sector and the digital energy sector.

Discussions can be held among the cluster members through the ClusterXChange program.


The following presentation was held by Zoltán Székely, from Székely Family & Co. Kft. He mentioned several topics. The first was ,, functional resilience indicators in resilience against climate changes.” In the next he spoke about, a modern baby monitor which can organize the baby’s daily, weekly and monthly activities. Finally, he spoke about a company that develop the world’s smallest electrical dosimeter chips. This development allow everyone to avoid dangerous situations associated with radioactivity, with the small sensors that may even be part of every mobile devices in the future.

We are looking forward to the next webinar, which will be held on Wednesday (18 August).

Those who want to join the project are also welcome. It is possible to meet French, Belgian and Italian partners during the project and through them to the Belgian conference as well as the Enlit event in Milan. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us!


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