2nd day of the Smartenergy Hungarian conference 06.10.2022

2nd day of the Smartenergy Hungarian conference 06.10.2022
06.10.2022 Visit with the foreign visitors and Hungarian participants to the EMI Technology and Innovation Center, and cluster members Energotest Ltd. and Horizont Global Ltd. from the energy and construction industry

At the opening of the event, Mate Balicza welcomed the participants, then Dr. Anita Terjék introduced the Emi and its innovative services.

 ÉMI is a key actor of the Hungarian Building Sector with nearly 60 years of history. At the present, it is Hungary’s largest complex institute in construction and building materials industry with more than 300 employees. Their operation covers the entire country and includes several international markets, as well.

Their high-quality professional work is aided by a Central Laboratory in Szentendre with 2 regional laboratories, that perform building material tests and fire spread investigations accredited by the National Accreditation Authority.

Among others, their activities cover issuing technical assessments, testing, inspection, laboratory experiences, research and development, certification, knowledge transfer, and trainings for professionals. As a governmental background institute, They also take part in sectorial strategic analysis and planning as well as in technical regulation issues. We also support large-scale priority governmental construction projects through comprehensive project management, technical support, inspection, and supervision services.

The main mission of the institute is to secure the high quality of the implementation and installations of the construction sector.

The participant had a chance to get more information about the Solar Decathlon innovation competition. This event was organized in 2019 for universities from all around the world to design and build houses powered exclusively by renewable energy sources. To build these houses, students had to use local, recycled materials and integrate solar collectors. They had to be solved the overheating of buildings during summertime by using bioclimatic solutions. At the end of the program, the participants could visit the passive houses that were built by the professionals during Solar Decathlon innovation competition.

Visiting the Energotest Ltd.

After the knowledge center, participants went to Dunaharaszti to visit the Energotest Ltd.

At the beginning, Tamás Zentai, owner of the company welcomed the visitors and then János Kovács introduced the Energotest Ltd. and its heat pump systems.

Energotest Ltd. has been functioning since 1990 in the field garage industry as a developing, manufacturing, and distributing company.

Energotest is dedicated to environmental protection. With green thinking and innovative developments try to spread this way of thinking to all partners and employees. In the future, more and more importance must give to energy-saving solutions, and developments. Energotest products are heating centers, heat pump systems, surface heating/cooling, thermo-activated slab heating modules, parking solutions with solar panels and chargers for E-cars, energy baskets for heat pump systems, automatization of the energy system on 3 levels, production of control panels, energy monitoring system and data management, measuring solutions in energy systems, analyzing thermal camera photos.


Visiting the Horizont Global Ltd.

At the Horizont Global Ltd. the owners, Tamás Diensmann and his son Oliver Diensmann welcomed the visitors.

Horizont Global Ltd. is the owner of the HORIZONT ™ Energy Efficient Buildings Technology and the manufacturer of the steel frame profiles and structure. They provide a complete service in design, construction, and turnkey construction. HORIZONT ™ steel frame construction technology is made up of walls, ceiling, beams and roof structures to build residential, public, industrial and commercial facilities. The company can produce steel light structure buildings in all sizes according to own needs.

During the visiting first, they showed the operation of the company. Together with their workers, they presented the process of my steel profiling and the assembly of the structure.

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